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karynJuly 23, 2014

My cleaning gal was using something called "Fabuloso" on my floors and I started feeling a stickiness in some areas so I told her to stop and just go to water only.

It's a brand new Armstrong hardwood flooring called American Scrape, in Hickory - installed 9 months ago.

She should probably use something other than water but not sure what to do other than the manufacturer's brand which has very bad reviews concerning residue. The floor is in the kitchen as well as living areas.

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What you are looking to do is pick up dirt and dust from the floor. You or she should be able to do this with a vacuum cleaner attachment designed for hard floors (no rolling brushes which are for carpeting). You could spot clean areas with a damp cloth.

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We already have a Sandia HEPA Raven Commercial Backpack Vacuum with horsehair brush for the floors, but I was looking for the thing that best cleans the grime and drips from our dog, and kitchen messes.

Damp mopping with a microfiber mop has been the status quo so far after I eliminated the Fabuloso. It seems to work OK if we keep up with damp mopping regularly but with a dark floor it's really hard to tell. On any given place I can damp wipe with a paper towel and get some dirt up though. It's cleaner if we vac, then damp mop and follow up with a towel on a second pass, though that's a lot of work for a very large area. In other words - something that might cut dirt the first time through with no residue.

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Hi Karyn,
I use Bona hardwood floor cleaner with a damp microfiber mop, after vacuuming. I spray the Bona directly on the floor, wipe with the mop..and then I'm down on my hands and knees wiping the newly cleaned section with a fresh towel.

No streaking or floor dullness on my dark floors and yes, I use this product on my kitchen and main floor (vacuuming is sufficient for upstairs hardwood).


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Thanks Mira I'll give it a try!

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