Melted plastic bag elec stove

maimieJuly 4, 2008

Hi All, I just accidentally tossed a plastic storage bag on an electric burner I just turned off. You can imagine the mess! Anyone have suggestions on how to clean the burner? Thanks in advance.

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Let it cool, scrape off with a single edge razor blade, then attack with a brillo pad or steel wool. I've had melted plastic on my toaster oven.

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jannie, I have to admit that when I read your advice, my first thought was, "Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a new stove or at least a new burner?" However, I did as you suggested and it worked! I didn't even have to use brillo/steel wool. I just used the single edge razor inside a handle thing. It is now brand new clean!!!! Thank you so much. Would never have thought of this.

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Maimie, so glad the razor worked for you. I keep a packet of blades in my kitchen and use them for cleaning just about everything-stove, goo on counters,etc.

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