so we had to choose a different plan, what do you think about it?

kat81March 5, 2013

We found a plan we liked, but the estimated cost to build ended up being way to high, so we found a different plan in the same sq.ft. but without so many bumpouts and simpler roof..We will change the kitchen to being L shaped with island..and add a closet in the study/foyer..but other than that keep as is..

Here is a link that might be useful: new plan

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I'm putting the image in your thread to make it easier for people to see it.

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i think i found it in bigger size

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This plan (without seeing the resulting elevations) seems reasonably straight-forward and servicable. It should be possible to create an attractive exterior and avoid the all-too-frequent over-inflated look of many stock plans.

That said, the plan has all the usual builder's cliches, from diagonal interior partitions, to a 3-car garage, seperate mud and utility rooms and a walk-though pantry.

The front and rear covered porches will provide "dark tunnels" when looking from the interiors, but perhaps you will be in Florida where the sun and heat are excessive for 6 months of the year. If not, perhaps you should reconsider how to use passsive solar energy strategies.

The problem with all of these "look at my plan" postings is that we seldom see the elevations and almost never see the site plan, all of which should be considered in how the floor plan is designed.

Good luck with your project!

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Stuff I would want to change:

1) The route from the garage to the kitchen is a heck of a maze. I wouldn't want to carry groceries through 4 doors (if you go through the pantry, and that's why the pantry has two doors, right?)

2) Have you tried placing furniture in the great room? Will you have a TV? Unless you want it over the fireplace, I don't see anywhere to put it.

3) There is no guest coat closet.

I'm curious-- I've never seen the little double doors your plan shows for the master toilet. Do you know what they'll look like?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I was thinking about the maze to get from the laundry room to the master closet with an arm full of clothes....

and the J&J bath you have to walk sideways through the opening to get to the sink? And is there enough room to dry off after taking a shower? That is wee little.

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The J&J bathroom toilet/shower area looks really small to me, as if it would be uncomfortable to pivot around in the tiny, open floorspace. Are there doors from the J&J sink area to the bedrooms.. or is that just open? The door opening looks tiny... Anyway, couldn't you put both the sinks along the hall wall.... and make that one joined room, with only one door opening to the toilet/shower area?

The master bathroom double doors into the toilet room is odd. I imagine it would be annoying and not help with noise muffling.

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There's a lot of floor space in the master closet, where it is rather under-utilized. I'd want to take some of that space to re-configure the master bath enough that you could move your door to the master suite down, so you wouldn't be entering the suite from the middle of the great room wall. That will help with furniture placement in the GR.

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here is the outside of the house...Some of you pointed out that J&J bathroom is not convenient and we were going to redo this by putting only one entry to it (from the hall).
I dont know what double doors to master toilet are, but i plan on having a single door.
The TV can go on the wall that is shared with master bed or in a corner..i dont see it being a problem
We were also going to put sliding doors in dinette area so its easier to get out..
Since the master closet is big, we were going to cut some of it and put a build in desk in study...But i like big closet and would take a bigger one:)
We live in MIxed is 100F-110F for 3-4 months of the year..winters are chilly but not too we like the porches.My husband works outside and gets home very dirty from work, so mudroom is a must and since we live in the country big pantry is also a must for us...

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On master bath toilet door--make sure, if you don't do the double pivot doors, you choose either an outswing or pocket door for safety. The double pivot doors are a safety substitute for what most people would use there unknowingly (an inswing door).

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