Wording in contract for proper flashing?

what_nowMarch 1, 2014

Having previously lived in a house with missing or improperly installed flashing everywhere I do not want a repeat. What language do I need to make sure is in a custom build contract? I want it done right (like what I see in rollie's pics). Im thinking windows, doors, roof/wall intersections. What else?

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as per mfg specs.
add in specifics like grace products.

mfg spec's are great...just don't get
read or followed in the field.

Rollie does great work..you've seen Delores house
pics? classic Rollie.

best of luck.

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Thanks for your reply - very helpful.

Yes, I have saved the link
and images. Great examples of how to do it right.

Driving around I see tons of houses with basic flashing missing.

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Investigate the manufacturer's installation instructions for your window model or the weather/air barrier you have specified and include that in your contract unless you don't like them. Some manufacturers (like DuPont) have instructions for more than one method of flashing so you need to know what you prefer.

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All the wording in the world in a contract will not substitute for timely and regular construction observation and contract administration.

The key phrase for the contract may be "the accepted standard of the trade", unless you have specific details and specifications to be followed.

That said, words will never substitute for visits and discussion on the job site.

Good luck with your project.

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