Kitchenaid Stainless, I found a great cleaner

carmela39July 24, 2008

I have read countless posts from Kitchenaid fridge and dishwasher owners re the difficulties of cleaning without streaks. I now use perfect Stainless from BBandB. Very little sprayed on a paper towel and then I rewipe with a dry cloth or paper towel. It makes it so easy to also spot clean without having to do the entire front. I'm saved. Couldn't find the Weinman spray others swear by.

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I have a GE combo microwave/convection oven. The inside is (I guess) stainless steel, and is impossible to keep clean. I called GE and they sent me their cleaner (a little bottle for $11 :^( that clearly says on the label "Do not use on SS"...huh?????
Do you think your cleaner would work to solve my problem?
Sincere thanks for your help.

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Hi J,

My perfect stainless cleaner really is meant to give the stainless a nice smooth streakfree look. If you are trying to clean a micro convection oven, I would think you could use warm water and soap and then use this to give it a nice polished look. Not sure I would bother though as it's not visible from the outside of the micro. What do the instructions say to use to clean?

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The instructions say "wipe to clean after use"...yeah....right! I WASH the thing religiously after use, and it doesn't do a thing. For instance, I ran the glass turntable in the dishwasher on the potscrubber cycle and that didn't even clean all of the spots. I think what happens is the convection part just cooks any spots in place and sets them permanently. I have had a plain microw for years and just ran a 2 cup measure of vinegar water in it and then washed it out...spotless every time! This conv/micro is a whole OTHER problem!!
Thanks for your help though!
(I really think the interior is made up of an uncleanable substance that just looks like stainless :^(

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Jaybird, I create a light paste with Barkeepers friend and water and, with a soft rag, scrub out the bad food stains that appear in my Bosch micro/convection oven. Then I rinse it very well with water using another soft rag. This works very well cleaning out spots my Stainless Steel Magic doesn't touch and leaves a nice finish.

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Thank you so much for your help! I will make a trip to the store for the Bk'prs Friend!
I appreciate your time to help me out.

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you might also try a product called Milsek. It's a great product that leaves no streaks and work great on stainless as well as many other uses. The company is in Ohio, and they now sell online.

Here is a link that might be useful: Milsek Furniture Polish

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I found something I think works great-Method stainless steel cleaner. It comes in a gray plastic spray bottle. Smells great and works great. I use it on my stainless sink. Works winderfully!

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To clean the inside of the microwave oven, put some vinegar into a couple of cups of water and microwave for a couple of minutes. Keep the door closed and let it sit in the oven a few minutes. You should be able to just wipe it clean. Works great for me. Any hardened mess wipes right out.

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