kitchen: bayed counter and sink ?

jannz77March 30, 2013

I am trying to locate some more examples of a kitchen sink / counter that actually bay inward like in the ONE photo that I found.

Is there a technical term for this design approach..??...

All my googling results are the usual bay window in front of the sink that is in a straight counter.

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The usual purpose of a bay widow is to allow a view out the sides. How the space that it creates is used is a different matter entirely. Some will want a shelf for plans and others will want to stand more in the bay to see more of the side views. However, this does increase the cost of the cabinets and reduces their usefulness.

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"Is there a technical term for this design approach..??..."

Yeah, form over function. It's a bad design for anyone who wants to use the kitchen.

Loading the DW would be extremely awkward with such a setup. You can place it next to the sink in the angle as when the door is open, you couldn't stand at the sink at all. And placing it outside the angle will just make lots of drips and lots of walking. Not a fan at all of angles period as they waste an enormous amount of space that you still have to pay for.

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Here are the two examples I found.

I agree that the functionality of this arrangement is questionable. However, if you aren't concerned about symmetry and had a longer stretch of center counter, the sink could be placed on the right and the dishwasher on the left or vice versa.

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Thanks nicke360 for posting the pictures -- exactly what I was wanting to see... a straight on shot so I could see how the windows were treated.

We built the house we currently live in and are now starting a new build based somewhat on our current design... changing out some elements that didn't work.... rearranging some rooms etc.

One thing in the kitchen I thought could be improved was the sink area. The center island prep sink is directly opposite the kitchen sink. Two people working in that area makes it a tight fit. Baying the kitchen sink gives more standing room. I also like the idea of STANDING in the middle of the bay with the view of the new courtyard and fountain that we'll be building.

I have a 3 sink bowl and if the angle is started 12-15in AFTER the sink edge that gives enough room to be standing at the sink and the ability to load the dishwasher with the dishwasher door down. [I drew it out as suggested by a designer on Houzz.] This side of the kitchen is 22' ft long so it won't have the "U" shaped feeling that the pictures seem to render however.

Where'd you find these pictures..??.. no kidding... I've been googling... and clicking through 'Houzz' .. found a couple more... but yours are better. Thanks again!

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I found the first through Google (last picture on bottom left).

The second was on Houzz.

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