vacuum cleaners--The $300 challenge

jwats612July 28, 2009


We are shopping for a new upright vacuum. 4-5 yr old Kirby vacuums are available for about $300, would you buy this in place of a new one?

If not, what upright would you recommend? we have a mix of hardwood floors and carpeting. Light weight is not important



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If I had the choice of purchasing a new Kirby or a 4-5yr. old Kirby, then Yes, I would purchase a slightly used model.

I am going to presume that you know of Kirby vacuum cleaners. In order to use the hose and attachments, you must remove the nose and attach the hose.

Also, this is a "fan-first" design, so dirt must pass through a fan before depositing into the dust bag. Users must be careful not to such up coins and rocks, which could cause fan damage.

If you purchase a Kirby, you will get a durable vacuum.

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The Kirby is not what I would call a user friendly machine especially for attachment use. You might consider one of the new Riccar Vibrance models that I saw recently. They have a model that will do both carpets and flooring with the ability to shut off the roller. Motor bypass so nothing goes through the fan like the Kirby. I believe the model I saw was on sale for 299

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I have a refurbished Electrolux canister that cost less than $300 and it's wonderful. If and when it dies, I'll buy another one just like it. It's so silly to pay full price for a good vac when you can get a refurbished one for so much less. My canister has a beater brush that will beat the tar out of carpet and a gentle attachment for hard surface cleaning. I have all hard surface flooring, but use the carpet attachment on the carpeted cat furniture and it does a wonderful job at getting the hair out of the carpet.

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The Electrolux (Aerus) is a decent canister and works great on bare flooring but it still isnt a great carpet maching, no where near the agitation that a good upright will give you.

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FRIDAY THE 13th of 6-14 my 81 & 83 year old parents had the pleasure of
being ripped off to the tune of $1, 070.00 by a salesman who appeared to
be a Kirby salesman but in reality he used to be a Kirby employee who is
now going in elderly persons homes, stealing there vacuums & giving them
back an "upgrade" of a stolen Kirby from someone elses house ! We gave
him a Sentria 1 vacuum & $320.00 cash & in return we got a stolen Sentria ll
with all the attachments but no warranty & now we have to file a police report
& hope this person gets caught & soon ! Call Kirby & check out your salesman ! He was driving a charcoal late model Dodge Charger & he was an
black male by the name of Chris Byrant, 6.5 ft tall or taller with a beard & mustache ! He had Sentria ll plaques magnetic on his car & South Carolina
plates with dark tint on license & windows, also he has a gap in his front top
teeth ! Please go into another room , get his license & call the police & also
Daniele @ 1-216-228-2400 ASAP ! Good luck ! If I ever get my money back
I think I will just by one from Amazon for a $1000.00 ! M.G.B.

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When you think about cleaning only vacuum cleaners are not enough, so most of the companies recommends the browsing of your carpet cleaning to take the help for deep dirt cleaning, i suggest you some cleaners like upright vacuum cleaner, stick vacuum cleaners, rainbow vacuum, canister vacuum. All these vacuums are good for cleaning floor you want and these are light weight too, anyone can handle it easily.

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