Bathroom Reveal - Filled with GW Tips

sjharris53April 29, 2014

For several years, I have regularly read and learned from the bathroom forum posts, knowing that we would need to remodel our 80s bathroom before too long. Armed with information from GW and working with a creative and competent GC, I was more than ready to begin the project! Demo began in mid March, and the remodel is just days from being completed.

The original bathroom was part of a 1989 master bedroom suite addition, and to say I knew next to nothing about wise choices would be accurate. The result was a large space filled with typical builder grade fixtures and finishes. The entrance door was only 2' wide, it's small size a big problem when DH was rehabbing from two hip replacement surgeries.

Tile was chosen after seeing girlcat 36's pictures of her beautiful small bath remodel; I went with the darker version of the tile she used. I really liked her tile design, and went with something similar on the floor.

I knew from reading many posts about how important it is to squeeqee clear shower glass each and every time it gets wet that i would NOT use it - DH is just too old to teach new tricks, so I went with rain glass instead.

A big decision was what kind of shower base to use. Since I'd rather be gardening or riding horses than scrubbing grout, I went with a preformed pan - Monogot, I looked for a Kohler cast iron pan after reading your recommendations, but since one wasn't available in the size we needed, we had a cultured marble one custom made. Raehelen, your post reassured me that we were making a good choice!

I had a custom vanity built with an electrical outlet inside so that my hair styling appliances can be hidden away - something else I learned about here. It is 36" tall, making it much easier to use than the old 32" tall one.

Tub or no tub? Many posts here discussed doing away with a tub in the master bathroom, so that's what we did. We gained a larger shower, but just as important - a place for my antique makeup desk and chair looking out a slider window to the woods beyond. Sitting there each morning is so enjoyable with the natural light and view as I "put a fresh coat of paint on the old barn!"

A Toto Drake toilet went in - I learned about Terry Love's website from this forum. One of my absolute favorite things in the bathroom is something I don't think I even knew existed before discovering Garden Web - bidet toilet seats!

So, thank you to all of you who post here - those who ask questions and those who share your expertise, and those of you who reveal the finished projects here on this forum. I am one of many, I'm sure,
who frequent this site to make the most informed decisions we can when undertaking a bath remodel.

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Wow! What a lovely transformation! All your choices are beautiful. I especially like the pattern of the floor tile. Is there a name for that?

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Beautiful! You did a wonderful job. I love your description of the woods beyond the window. That is a real treasure for sure. It is a lovely location for your desk/vanity. I love the warm tones too.

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LOVE the window and dressing table! Wish I had a window and room for something like this.

DD and I shared a bathroom when she was home and we always referred to it as the "family" room. Lots of good memories of her girlfriends gathering there, primping to go out, getting ready for ballgames, dates, etc.

Now that I have a 12 year old GD, we find that we end up doing the same thing.

DD was home with her 8 month old baby girl a couple of weeks ago, and of course I ended up in the BR with baby while momma was making up and fixing hair. Next, here comes the 12 year old who was visiting....reminded me old times.

Enjoy your new bathroom.

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Jewel, not sure what the tile floor pattern is called... the tiler suggested it and drew it out on paper, and DH and I liked the design. I didn't want rows of squares, or diagonals. I did like mixing different tile sizes. Enduring and Tuesday, the dressing area is just divine! I have a hummingbird feeder hung there, and the light is wonderful for putting on makeup. My only grandchild is a boy, so not sure he and will spend much time in there... such great memories, Tuesday, with your DD, and now making new ones with your GD!

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You will have to make it a dual purpose room. Put another type of feeder out there & put a bird book in the drawer & an extra stool & and a time for real bird watching with DGS :)

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Wow, what a difference, from the photos it looks like a much bigger space! I too envy you that little desk space! I don't really do make-up, but could envision braiding or curling a little granddaughter's hair there ( one day maybe LOL). I am sure you will be happy with the shower base, unlike you I am a squeegee maniac...I even squeegee my shower floors! I found a great one at an autoparts store, another tip to pass has a flexible double blade, and is 12" wide, so really fast to wipe up. (I would still squeegee your rain glass occasionally or you will get soap scum buildup.

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I like the looks of that squeegee. I like the idea of having my hand right there on the long part of the action. But I don't really know, as I am still working on my shower :) I'm even up at this wee hour getting ready to go cut some of the trim pieces. Can't sleep. I'm getting closer!

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Raehelen, I'll be visiting our local auto parts store to pick up one of those squeegees. I do plan to squeegee the walls and will probably do the floors too - and I'm still hoping DH will squeegee on occasions!

Enduring - great idea about a seed feeder for my DGS to watch birds. I think it will be few more years before he will sit still long enough to enjoy them - he's three and in constant motion!

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