Microfiber cloths - leaving dust behind on mirrors

peabody1July 31, 2008

I have some Durafiber microfiber cloths that are great for cleaning, but I'm having a problem with them leaving what I'll call dust behind on the mirrors and glass doors. I shake them outside and wash them in the washer alone...no other items besides the microfiber cloths. Use vinegar in the rinse water. Dry on low. I use a color-coded method...using a certain color for glass/mirros only. So I'm NOT dusting the furniture and then cleaning the glass with the same rag. What should I be doing differetnly so I won't have this dust or lint left behind on the glass?

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Are you using the regular microfiber or the blue suede micro glass one?

I use a micro fiber squeegee scrubber, then a rubber squeegee, and then only wipe any hidden drops with the blue suede micro made for glass/mirror.

Toile :)

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Peabody, I wanted to get back with you today.
I cleaned someone else mirror today and I had fibers on the mirror from the cloths too...
I am going to try again tomorrow, and also wash these and try yet again.
The only thing I can determine is that I set the cloths down on their floor for a little while but I doubt thats the issue.....

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I have the same problem using the yellow Costco microfiber towels on mirrors. They leave tiny fiber debris that really shows!
I bought some kitchen microfiber towels that are sold online @ Costco and are waffle weave texture. THEY work fantastic! I plan on buying a few packs of them to use for cleaning I like them so well!
I'll continue to use the yellow ones for car washing or heavy cleaning etc...
Hope this helps!

BTW, Costco refunds shipping costs if you don't like something and have to take it back to the B&M store.

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I've used newspaper on mirrors and windows for years, without a streak or lint left behind. I like to use either store-brand window cleaner (Wal*Mart's is less than $1 per bottle) or vinegar/water spray. Cheap and effective. :-)

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