Shower Glass Surface Treatment - Clearshield or Showerguard

SadieVApril 3, 2012

We are getting quotes for a new heavy glass shower door that will have stationary panels on both sides. We are going with the starphire glass that will not have the green hue to it. We are being offered two different surface treatments: Clearshield or Showerguard. The Clearshield has a 10 year warranty and can be re-applied in the home if the need arises. Showerguard has a limited lifetime warranty and if there is a problem, we would pay to have the door removed and sent back to the factory.

Does anyone have experience / recommendations on either product? As we are using a clear glass, I was thinking either of these products would make it easier to keep the glass clean and clear.

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The company we got our shower door from uses Clear Shield. According to them, they used to use Showerguard, but had problems with it (?).

We also used starphire glass. This shower door is in our guest bathroom. The shower is only used for one or two weeks a year generally, during my parents' visits. DH and I did use that shower exclusively for a few months while our other two bathrooms were being reno'd. After showering, we spray the tile and glass with a daily shower spray, and then use a squeegee. We had them add the Clear Shield as added protection. So far, so good.

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Our shower glass installer suggested applying Rain-X once a year or so, and squee-geeing often as an economical and satisfactory alternative to either of these products. Our glass has not arrived yet, so I have no experience on this topic. Anybody know if he is right or not?

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Rain-x does not last very long and is difficult to apply such that streaking is minimized on windshields. I briefly considered it but ended deciding otherwise.

Aquapel lasts way longer than rain-x (> 6 months), but in the long run, it too may be too much of a hassle.

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Clearshield is an applied protectant that is put on by the glass supplier and Showerguard is actually done when the glass itself is manufactured so it is embedded in the glass as opposed to surface applied. Which one is better depends on the shower install company. They both do basically the exact same thing and the warranties are similar so it really is a matter of preference. Rain-x is most definitely a temporary at best solution and as mentioned earlier tough to apply evenly and is must be reapplied fairly often.

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RAINX does work and is way cheaper then the other solutions.. a quick GOOGLE of any of the other products will show that millworkman and the others have a financial interest in protecting the products they represent.
HOWEVER MY INFO COME FROM THE john BRIDGES WEBSITE ON CERAMIC TILE. THEY HAVE A COLLECTION OF PRO'S who also say that RAINX will work on your glass shower doors. You may have to squeegee it or re apply it every 6 weeks but 4.50 a can for a product that most of you will only use 2 cans per year [at 4.50 a can from wally world] it will take you 25 years -35 years to make up the price difference with the other products depending on which one you use.
My water doesn't have minerals in it because I USE A WATER SOFTENER.. so don't give me any stuff about accumulation my shower door looks as good as the day it was installed...7 years ago.. and I only spent 25.00 to keep it that way..

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Quite frankly wood, I could care less if anyone takes my advice or not, your happy with your choice and at the end of the day that's all that matters.

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Just a quick update -- we went with the Showerguard. We give the glass a quick squeegee after each shower and clean the glass once a week. The door and side panels are beautiful, and we have no issues with water spotting.

This is not to say that RainX would not have given us the same good results ... but so far the Showerguard is working exactly as it was sold to us.

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