Revised Floorplan with GW Suggestions Incorporated

txaggieinargyleMarch 22, 2012

This is 99% percent there.

I just wanted to say thank you to all who gave suggestions on the previous plan. I used many of the ideas and didn't use some others. But all the input was still appreciated.

Door from hallway to laundry room will become a pocket door.

Door from Master Bedroom sitting area to the office will be a hidden door disguised to look like a bookcase.

Office windows change from (3) 2x6 windows to (1) 3x6 oriented horizontally 42" off the ground.

Pantry door swing still needs to change to the other side.

Single car garage door changes to 9 ft wide by 8 ft tall.

Hot Water Heater needs to be identified.

Thanks to all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Revised Floor Plan

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You may have a good reason for this, but just in case...
Any reason you have all the doors lined up such that you can see into the guest room bath clear from the dining room?

I think I'd consider sliding the opening to that hallway (guest/3rd bedrm) "up" so that it offsets the guest bathroom door opening to break the line of sight. As is, you can literally see clear to the back of that bathroom, not just a little of the side wall...

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One suggestion for the kitchen is to not put the stovetop and sink directly across from each other. If you have 2 people in the kitchen, one might be a stirrer, the other the tidier/dish cleaner, and they will be fighting for space. If you offset the 2 just a little, it will be more comfortable for 2 people.

I would absolutely also get rid of the in-swing toilet door in your Master Bathroom, if you weren't already considering that.

Also, you have a complicated system of bedrooms/bathrooms (it appears each bd2 and bd3 have 2 toilets easily accessed.) This seems weird, especially when you have a J&J toilet/tub room set up for one of them, which is usually less than optimal.

I don't recall everything from your earlier post. Maybe if you link it to this thread, we can avoid bringing up suggestions that you specifically chose not to incorporate in this latest revision.

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I agree with kirkhall. Maybe that foyer door is centered for symmetry but it could slide down and a great credenza, console, bench, dresser or something could go to the right of it. It would give you more room for that. Plus the eye would go to that then past the door to whatever is then on the hallway wall past the door (artwork, photos, etc) instead of into a bathroom which will end up open most of the time.

I also notice the puzzle of bedrooms and bathrooms. It seems you have a modified jack and jill of sorts going on for BR2 and BR 3. You have a powder room. So the full bath by the guest room is really for guests? If that's the case then why don't you place the door opening IN the guest room instead of in the hallway so they have their own private suite and don't have to come out when they want to shower or use the facilities? We're doing that in out house and have gotten so many positive comments from people that will be overnight guests in our upcoming home. This will eliminate the hallway foyer viewed door issue as well.

I also agree about the sink and cooktop. I know it says that design is coming later with the kitchen designer. But it's something to think about. A lot of people do put them back to back for symmetry not thinking about the practicality. Also think about where you will actually store your everyday dishes and put the dishwasher on that side. You don't want to be loading/unloading on your cooking/prepping side. That's the side you want your trash on.

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There are lots of great features about this home. :)

I think that Jack & Jill bath is going to result in lots of lock-outs. I would connect the sink areas and make that the common room. Then, create only one door to the combined shower/toilet area. That way no one ever gets locked out of that space unless someone is in it. Also, I think this would leave you room to create a linen closet since you'd be going from three doors to only one......

Make sure Bedroom 2 & 3 get lots of sound proofing... I imagine that family room could be loud for anyone sleeping in there.

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Did you consider converting the powder room to a full, nicer bathroom that can be used by your boy? Most likely your guests will use the front bathroom and your kids the one in the back due to the game room location.
You are almost saying that - This is it.
If you are still open to suggestions, this is what I think:
The girl gets a private bathroom.
The boy uses the full bathroom in the back. This bath can have a door to hallway and an optional door to the boy's room.
Because you have a lot of area in your current shared bathroom, you can place the 2 closets there, then:
-You will save a few square feet (about 14 sf)
-You will have 3 fewer doors, maybe 4. You will save here.
-You will not have a potential problematic bathroom situation.
-You will have better ways to place furniture.
-your design will be cleaner.
-You will have an extra shower but also, you will not need the extra vanity and sink so price will not increase.

If you think that this is something that you would like, please let me know and I can post a sketch.

I could also suggest something for your mud/laundry/closet but is not as crucial as your right wing

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Looks like a really great plan! But I do agree with naf naf if you aren't set on the jack and jill. It wouldn't cost more and your children could each have their own bath.

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