getting animal smell out of a room that seems clean!

fearlessemJuly 26, 2010

Hi folks --

So recently two feral cats had 9 kittens under our porch. We caught them all and found them all homes, but here's the problem. For about two days, as we were in the process of catching them and giving them away, we kept them in our tiled downstairs bathroom, which is quite small (maybe 5 feet by 5 feet?) We had paper down and such, but by the end of 48 hours, with 9 kittens, it smelled HORRIBLE.

So the kittens are all gone, I've scrubbed the floor probably 4 times over, cleaned the baseboards by hand, opened the door and windows, used airfreshener till the cows come home and still, it smells in there! I can't quite describe the smell -- its just this funk. And since its tiled, I don't know where the smell is hiding -- maybe in the walls?

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get this smell out?

Many thanks in advance,


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Could it be in the tile grout?

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You may want to look into an ozone generator. I am looking into this myself as I have heard it can destroy odors and mold particles.

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@kgreenclean -- it was definitely the kittens, and they are no longer there -- they have been given away. I'm tryingg to deal with the smell that is left now several weeks after they are gone and after I have scrubbed the floor with vinegar and Mr.Clean...

@lostinit -- interesting idea! I have an ionic air filter that has an ozone generating function... I don't know why it didn't occur to me to put it in there!

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I'm going to bet your odor is coming from the grout. Unless your grout had been recently sealed within an inch of it's life, it can be porous. The same thing can happen around tiled toilet areas especially when little men are practicing their aim. You can scrub and scrub but that "tinge of tinkle" is still there.

I use a product from Wally World in the pet section that's a pet odor and urine solution. Very cheap and it is amazing. It contains an enzyme but has no odor whatever when you spray it. Doesn't have to be diluted either. It's milky white and watery. Saturate your grout lines with this, let sit for awhile, then wipe clean. I think you'll be pleased with the results.

I've also used this enzyme spray on really funky work shoes and stubborn odors from unknown sources at our hunting camp which is where the bottle is or I'd provide you the specific name. Nursing homes often use a similar product for intense odor issues.

It's nice to read about a happy outcome for the feral babes and their mamas. You were so gracious to care for them. So many won't.

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You may also want to consider spraying the baseboards and moldings in the event anything leaked behind or under the wood. And while you're at it spray up the walls some. It can't hurt!

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