Removing dust from vintage furniture

OmaPhilJuly 1, 2012

Hello helpful people,

We inherited a Heywood-Wakefield bedroom from my MIL. The outside wood is in very good condition and I'm confident that we will be able to clean and polish that safely. However, the inner parts of the furniture (unfinished) are full of dust - many years of dust. DH thinks vacuuming will do the trick - I'm not so sure. IMO, after a period of time, dust becomes caked on dirt!

Do you have any ideas on how best to clean this?

DH is adamantly opposed to using any water. From reading the posts here, it seems that a barely damp cloth will not hurt.

Thanks in advance - I've been lurking for a while and have learned a lot.


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I've used a slightly damp cloth to remove dust like that. Just keep moving the edge you use around, you don't want to rub the dust back onto the next area. Keep the cloth clean or change cloths frequently.I've alsu used Pledge Wipes from the store. Good luck!

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Use a brush to loosen dirt and follow with the vacuum.
Follow with a slightly damp cloth to remove all dirt residue loosened the vacuum did not get.

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