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phonegirlMay 23, 2011

Found these grape dishes, sm blue stem glasses, crystal candle holder on the left, and wavy vase at a ys this weekend along with alot of other goodies.

DGD spent the weekend with us so didn't do much beside ys some on Sat. and play but it was a fun weekend. I did get a new table set using some of my finds.

Not sure lime green and blue is the best choice but its what I used. It's been slower on here so hope all of you are ready for another one of my FBTSOMP (fly by the seat of my pants) table.LOL

Jane do you reconize the small wht plates? I'm sure you will get alot of use out of that lg set you found. And to think you only paid $5 for all of it.WOW, Lucky You!


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Punk..this is so pretty...I like the contrast of the lime green with the blue, and what a pretty blue too.
You found some very nice things and they all work so well together. Love those blue stems... I like the layering of the pretty grape dishes with the white and green ones - (I see the white plates).
You're right, they'll go with lots of other things. I've had the large teapot from that set, for years..and always loved it so that's why when I first saw the tureen..I wanted it.
Also, I like your chargers...Are they metal?...they look very interesting. Can you show a picture of them alone? You did pretty good YS yourself and you even got to 'play' with your DGD too...now that's a great weekend!!


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Pretty table, Punk. Like Jane, I really like the lime green with the blue.
For some weird reason, when I saw your wavy vase, the silly thought crossed my mind that it would be fun if someone had a bit too much to drink and was sitting there staring at it. I could just see the look on their face.
(I definitely need to get more sleep if I'm this loopy)

hugs, Karen

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I love this table, Punk. The lime green placemats are the perfect accent for the grape dishes [they are so pretty] and blue stems! Love the leaf napkin rings. I really like the crystal candle holder and the wavy vase. Great Candy shot!

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I forgot to say that I'm glad you got to spend time with your DGD.
Grandchildren are so precious and they grow up too fast.

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Are those lime green 'placemats?' They do look very good on this table, IMHO. I think you may soon take over the role of 'Stacking Queen!' Wow, you've added so many beautiful plates to your collection...I'm in awe, punk!

I esp like how you used the napkin ring leaves...they sure pop w/the lime green. Looks like you got some wonderful bargains & fun times, too, with DGD! That 'wave' vase is a hoot...now you need some of nana's crooked wine glasses!

Lovin' your new grape plates & blue stemware! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne is right, you are on a stacking mission and it looks great. I love the color combo too and the grape plates are lovely. Your table sure doesn't look thrown together to me.

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Lovely table, Punk, and I like the color combination. Like Jane, I really like your chargers, what a neat shape. So glad you got to find some bargains to use on a pretty table--and you had some fun time with your little DGD too!


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Great layering and I like the color combination. You found some lovely items.
Glad you got in some time with DGD.


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Just to let you know the lime green and the dark blue looks great. A wedding here a month ago had those colours and I wasn't so sure until I saw the setup and they really looked fantastic.

They borrowed some of my oversized deep blue Christmas Ornaments and hung them from the ceiling along with lime green balloons.

Expect the unexpected.


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Marlene Kindred

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the grape dishes! What a wonderful find! Glad you had such a fun weekend. Your table is lovely!

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Jane, that's wonderful that you found these same dishes to match your teapot you've had for years. Good things do come to those who wait. My chargers are metal and here's a couple of pictures for you. They are hard to photograph but hope this will show what you're wanting to see.

Karen, LOL. It might be interesting to see how one would react to the wavy vase while inebriated.

Nana, the napkin rings do have the same color on them to match the pm. We are going to take the kids out for dinner tonight so will get to see DGD again. Yeah!

Jeanne, the pm are probably a chartreuse instead of lime gr. I laughed at your "Stacking Queen" comment. It is fun to play with the layering. I have the same glasses as Nana but didn't think to use them.LOL

Frou, glad it doen't always show that I never take much time putting my tables together. Coming from you I take this as a nice compliment.

Luvs, it it the roses on my chargers that call to you?haha I found these at Ross or TJ Maxx for either $3.99 or $4.99 ea and haven't seen them since.

Candy, I guess one could say I double dipped last weekend with ys and DGD. I know it was a fun one but left me quite tired.

Betty, the wedding w/lime gr and drk blue sounds pretty. I love Bling and I'll bet your lg oversized deep blue Christmas Ornaments were stunning with the balloons for this wedding.

Marlene, so glad you liked the grape dishes. They are made in Italy and very nice.

Thanks so much everyone for all the sweet comments on this table. It's always good to hear your thoughts on my color choices and 'layering' of dishes.

I tried to set one before this one and thought of it like a bad Hair Day. It was tweaked more than I cared to do! I'll get the pictures downloaded and share my "Table Bloopers" when I have more time.


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