removing new pad from dryer

fincheloverJuly 9, 2010

I bought one of those newly adv. pads for dryer [like bounce]but this is on a pad and will last for months and wonder how you remove the pad holder,it really sticks. I pulled and pulled to remove it and can't does anyone know how.

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I know of no other brand except P & G's Bounce dryer bar. If you do not plan on using the dryer bar, you can remove the dryer bar holder. What you have to do is heat your dryer on high. This will soften the adhesive. Then get something that will not scratch,like a plastic scraper or spatula, then scrape under the holder. The holder should pull right up. The holder will not be able to be used again.

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Thanks geguymw i tried it awhile ago and it worked.

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