How to de-stink a garage?

Helena2013July 10, 2013

I just bought a house where the former owners used to keep their dogs in the garage (which was not used for cars; they nailed the garage door shut and put a pet door in the side of the wall). Cement floor, sheetrock on the walls.

The garage stinks so badly of "dog" that you can smell it in the adjacent end of the house (ugh). I'm sure there were many times when the dogs didn't bother to use the pet door to go out to the yard to "do their business" too. :-(

I'm going to convert the garage to being usable for cars and garden equipment again but the smell is overwhelming.

Any suggestions for how to get the dog stink out of the walls and (probably more importantly) the floor?

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my thoughts (and I'm not an expert) would be something along the lines of 1) pressure washing (with perhaps an odor eliminating additive) 2) leaving the door open to air out; and 3) putting large pans of baking soda out for a while to absorb odors.

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If it were my house, I would be looking at cutting out and replacing the lower 2-3 feet of sheetrock, then cleaning and sealing the concrete floor.

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The alcohol-based white shellac used for smoke damage will seal the drywall

Kilz makes some low VOC and low-odor primers for pet stains and odor blocking ...

Get a power scrubber and scrub the heck out of the concrete floor with TSP or a low-sudsing laundry detergent with OxyClean or a bleach, rinse, and let it dry with the garage door open for a while ... air is your friend.

Then, if needed, hit it with one of the kennel cleaner/deodorizers - ask a vet

Sealing the concrete with an epoxy floor finish made for garages might be needed.

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