GE cafe dbl oven range vs. range w/baking drawer

shivyApril 12, 2012

Hi, I wanted to see if anyone owns either the GE cafe double oven gas range- CGS990SETSS, or the GE cafe gas range with baking drawer- CGS985SETSS.

My appliance shop recommended the one with the baking drawer but reviews say that the baking drawer really doesn't cook well- better as a warming drawer.

We want a true double oven- does the double oven model cook well in both ovens and is the bigger oven big enough to fit a turkey?


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Hi. I'm in the process of trying to make the same decision. Appliance store recommends the baking drawer because of the location of the larger 2nd oven. They have a point, picking up a roast or turkey from floor level could be an issue. But, I really like the look of the 2 oven model.

Now I'm thinking about compromise and getting a single gas convection oven and a microwave/speed cooker above. It's quite a bit cheaper, plus, I only need a 2nd oven about 6 times a year, and mainly for casseroles.

Any thoughts?

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Thanks- same reasoning my appliance place gave.

Anyone else own either of these?


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If you don't need to bake two things at once very often then I'd vote for the full-size oven and baking drawer. Think of it as a warming drawer that can pull double duty as a second oven in a pinch. Would that suit your needs?

Now I have another question for owners of the GE Cafe range. How well does your broiler work, whether gas or electric?

I ask because lots of people will say a gas broiler beats electric for broiling meats and fish. So I'd choose AG. But then some salesman tried to tell me the gas broiler in the GE isn't good enough too see any such improvement over the electric oven version. Guess he wanted to sell me a different AG brand with (drum roll) an infrared broiler.

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I've been doing some research and am leaning towards ge cafe with the baking drawer. i don't plan on using it often but want to have that option a few times a year when i'm cooking for a large crowd. Double oven looks cool, but has many limitations...

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Lolittakat, I will probably be purchasing the GE Profile double oven and am curious to what limitations you are referring?

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theultimatebikerchic, I'm pasting directly from GE Cafe Q&A page answers given by GE representatives(I doubt that profile range would be any different, but you should look into that yourself)
'The lower large oven offers 9' of usable height and the upper smaller oven offers 5 1/2' of usable height'
'There are a number of functions available for the lower oven (i.e. convection bake, regular bake, convection roast, etc.) but you do the broiling in the upper oven. The lower oven does not have a broil setting so you�ll want to save the broiling tasks for the upper oven' So if you have something large to broil you're out of luck.

Also i've read a number of complaints that the top oven doesn't bake evenly or burns the food (convection is not available) and that both ovens are less functional then one large oven.

On the plus side, the heating time is much less and if you are on top of your food, it cooks much faster, and you can multitask a lot. And of course, you cannot beat the way a double oven looks! at the end it's a personal choice

please read through all the Q&As in my link

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Q&A

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