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norfyApril 17, 2012

Hello, I'm looking for a standard sized (27") washer + dryer, that's electric + ventless.

I keep getting referred to the LG 3987HW Ventless W/D, but I'm a bit nervous that 1) it lacks drying power and 2) the length of the cycle is quite long. A friend who has it tells me it takes 4 hours to wash & dry. I've read all the reviews while on the whole they are good, I'd like to investigate whether there are any other options first.

The W/D don't have to be a combined unit - they can be separate (and in fact that is what I prefer, so more loads can be done quickly).

In terms of size, I'd like to go standard or smaller - so 27" wide or less.


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The LG's woes result from it running on 120v/15a power, which gives it access to only 1800 watts, compared to the 7200 watts available to a conventional 240v/30a electric dryer. This causes the LG 27"w washer/dryer to take a long time to heat the water in the wash cycle, than even longer to dry the clothes afterward.

The only 240v washer/dryer combo available in the US is the Fagor FAS-3612 and FAS-3612X which are excellent (and have a $100 rebate through the end of June), but being 24"w and 24"d they don't hold nearly as much laundry as LG's 27" W/D combo, although it will get your clothes clean substantially faster.

There are a several ventless 240v dryers from major brands available, though all that are currently available are 24"w. General Electric, Bosch, LG, Miele, Asko, and Fagor all make at least one. Some of these dump the condensed water down the same drain as your washer (I think all offer this capability, but check to be sure), but some others have the option of collecting the water in a built-in tank that must be periodicaly emptied, which, though less convenient, is essential if you can't place the dryer near a drain. You can pair these dryers with any washer, though only one from the same brand can be attached for stacking directly underneath it, and you'll want to avoid a washer with much larger capacity than your dryer, or any washer that doesn't have a high spin speed (the ventless dryer needs all the help it can get).

If you scour eBay, craigslist, and the like, you may, once in a very blue moon, come across a used full-size Frigidaire Filtrator ventless dryer. These are hard to come by now, and there is so much pent-up demand for full-size ventless dryers that they typically sell for much more than a new dryer costs. If appliance manufacturers were more astute than they are, someone would take notice of this and reintroduce full-size ventless dryers, which are so obviously still in demand.

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Thank you lee676 for your very thorough response. Of the 24" standalone ventless dryers, would you recommend one brand over the other?

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The LG is probably my favorite - somewhat larger capacity than most (4.2 cu.ft, vs. 3.9 for Bosch, 4.0 for GE), a choice of drain or no-drain installation, a large door opening with window, illuminated stainless steel drum, white or red color choices, readily available (Best Buy sells them; Sear or HD can order one), and less expensive than some. GE and Bosch worth a look (the lower-priced Bosch without a window in the door is made by Gorenje IIRC, completely different design than the Bosch dryer with the glass door). Miele high quality but expensive. Asko drum reverses directions sometimes (or used to) which some people like. Last two not as capacious unless they've changed recently, and I prefer having a window in the door so I can see at a glance if it's done running or if I (or someone else) forgot to remove clothes. I haven't used any of the current models though, so I'm going by how they look and feel in stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG ventless dryer

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Amazing ... thank you!

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