Best Choice for cleaning mold off interior roof sheating?

lostinitJuly 7, 2010

BoraCare, FiberLock Shockwave or Mold Control?

I am thinking mold control as I have used this in the past but I heard BoraCare is more industrial strength and actually penetrates the wood in addition to killing the mold.

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Clorox.....Dealing with water in the basement situations, clorox kills mold,,,10% solution...1 cup clorox to 10 cups water....spray and let dry.
Linda C

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I was told that Bleach is ineffective at removing mold. While it does clean mold color from materials it does not kill mold spores which is what I want to do.

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old thread, but
Sounds like it is lacking roof ventilation to allow that mold to start.

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