36" RNB BlueStar Installation Instructions

Kristen HallockApril 14, 2013

Ok, I am ordering my range soon, but we have a plumber coming who is licensed to work on Natural Gas this week. He is coming to move the gas line for our dryer and we would like to also have him move the gas line to where our new range will be at the same time. I am reading the installation instructions for the 36" Bluestar range.

I am seeing on Page 11 #3 it says "The gas supply line must be the same size or larger than the gas inlet of the appliance. Your appliance has either a 1/2" NPT or 3/4" NPT gas inlet connection. We recommend the supply line be 1/4" NPT larger than the gas inlet of the appliance."

So what does the 36" RNB range have?

also, is it correct that the gas supply should be on the left side of the range (when looking from the front) and about 10" up from the floor?

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Yes, the gas supply on the 36" RNB is on the left (looking from front) BUT your connection for the flex and shutoff should be within 3" of the floor. I brought my 3/4" supply pipe up from below since we have a raised foundation, but anywhere on the back wall below 3" will work also. I put the shutoff and flex connector just above floor level, and used the large appliance flex, I believe 5/8"? of about 30" length so it could be slid into place. The actual stub on the range is a 1/2" NPT male thread, so you will need a fitting to adapt to the flared flex connector. The 110v electrical receptacle needs to be in that 3" space as well.

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks. We are in northern New England, so we have a full basement so it would not be a problem to have the gas come up close to the floor. can it come up FROM the floor? Or should it be poking out really low on the wall?

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The gas connection for my 36" RNB also comes up through the floor. It was easier than running it through the wall.

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I ran mine up through the floor, about 10" from the left side, and an inch or two from the back wall. I put a 90 degree shutoff valve tight to the floor pointing to the right, which allowed for a very clean loop of the flex connector below the range when it was slid back into place.

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We too have a 36" Bluestar RNB.
If you'll look at the rear of this mid-construction shot you'll see our gas line coming up through the floor.
It sits about 2" above the floor.
The range is connected to this line by a flex line.

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We ordered a RCS 36" and just started with drywall. Where should the electrical receptacle be placed? Does it have to be within 3" from ground for the plug to in and not interfere with pushing the range against the wall?

Anyone put a gas shut off between the range and gas line? Where did you put it. Our gas fitter said he could route the gas line, currently on left side of range, into the base cabinet and install a flex line back to the range. That way we can have a shut off in the cabinet for emergency shut off.

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If you'll look at the bottom of this shot you'll see where we positioned both the electric outlet
and the gas line for our Bluestar RNB 36".

You can see the shut-off at the tip of the gas line.
This is required by code where we live.
But since but it will be almost impossible to get at once the range is put into place,
we installed another shut-off in the basement.
Putting your shut-off in an adjacent cabinet is a good idea if it meets code in your area.

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This was our temporary set up for a while before the Bluestar arrived. You can see the gas and the electrical locations. The yellow flex line now loops nicely to the left, to connect to the new range. I can get to my shut off, but that's because my range is exposed the left side.

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