Hide a Hose Retrofit

ocscott3085March 29, 2013

Hi all,
I have an eight month old house built with a Dirt Devil Pro Series 990 central vac with 8 standard outlets. I find myself putting off vacuuming because i don't like dealing with winding up the Hose (I know...laziness at its finest. So, I emailed a local installer of hide a hose to see if it were possible to add a single HAH outlet on the main floor of my house since it is predominantly wood floors and I'm tired of changing my hose three times just to do the floors on that level. He quoted me $1,000 for a single 40ft outlet. This seems pretty high to me. It includes retrofitting the HAH outlet into my traditional system, the 40ft hose, sock, and handle for use with straight suction tools. Based on your experience, does this estimate seem reasonable?

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What part of the country? Is there attic space above or basement below? Really depends on what is involved in the installation and labor costs whe you live.

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It is about $500 in parts so $1,000 doesn't seem unreasonable. He has to run 50 new feet of piping and then install the outlet.

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Happy Easter to all who are celebrating! Thank you so much for the quick replies. I just wanted to check and be sure as I didn't have anything else to compare it to at this time. I'm in the Washington D.C. area so things tend to be a bit more expensive here anyway.

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Well just as an update - I bit the bullet and had the 40ft Hide a Hose installation retrofitted into my home. I can still use the standard outlets with the electric nozzle but for everyday messes, I can whip out the HAH and do the whole main floor from the centrally located outlet. If possible, I HIGHLY recommend installing one when your house is under construction. Even though my house is a year old, it still only took the gentlemen about 3 hours to retrofit the one outlet in to my kitchen. Thanks for the wonderful posts about HAH.

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Question for all the HAH users.....has anyone purchased an electric nozzle to use with their HAH? I know you also have to purchase a separate 30ft electrical cord designed to use with non-electric hoses but I feel like my family room rug could use a more thorough cleaning than the Turbocat can deliver. I suppose I can use the electric hose with my standard outlets but who wants to take out two hoses for one room? Thanks for any and all insights.

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