Is Costco the best price for Vitamix?

gwloloApril 30, 2013

So this is the year I am finally getting one. My old blender died :) I will probably get the professional 750 and will likely also get the dry jar. As this is going to cost a pretty penny, I am willing to wait for the best deal. Is Costco the best price when they have the demo? Is W-S or one of the other stores better? Is there a good time to buy?

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I think Costco has the best price on the 5200 right off the shelf. $379

The demo price for the 750 is pretty much the standard price.

I got my 750 brand new in box from E'bay for $500 and registered it on-line. has reconditioned 7500s in red labled as Next Generation for $399.

January is a good time to buy off E'bay because people are selling unwanted Christmas Gifts.

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I used to have the 5200 from Costco, and while I loved it, it
wouldn't fit on my counters in my new kitchen. We make green smoothies every morning, so I prefer to have it out. I gave my old one to my SIL and bought this:

I am absolutely in love with this machine! The wider jar is nicer for us. It looks absolutely beautiful sitting on my counter and the wash setting is amazing! A bit of water, soap and press the button. Voila!
I know it's not cheap, but I went through a blender a year before the totally worth it (in my opinion!)

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Would that wider jar fit on the 5200?

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No, it is only for 750. :-(

That thought crossed my mind when I saw a VM at WS, so called to ask. :-)

But they have a new 48 oz container for 5200 that would fit under upper cabs. For most things, it is a good size (b/c 32 oz one is a bit small for ice cream, for example).

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Did you consider Blendtec ?
I actually preffered it over the Vitamix, got it in Costco Canada for $350 with regualr jar and Wildside jar.

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The $329 price is for a reconditioned 5200 direct from VM.. That's $45 less than the Costco price (new) unless there is a charge for shipping

The code is for $25 off on shipping.

The OP wants a VM 750. I just checked the VM site and did not see a reconditioned 750 on this time. Seems like the only way to get a 750 at a discounted price is what deeageaux did with eBay. .

I don't recall ever seeing a 750 in any of the demos at the Costco in my area.

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GWlolo, did you make a choice? My Costco will have demos beginning October 7th, is there a reason to wait for that, or to go to a Whole Foods demo? I don't think I'm going to need the dry jar, I have a grain mill. I do think I want the 750, partly to look good on the counter, partly because the incremental weekly cost over the 5-7 year life is negligible. The reconditioned 750 is available for 519 on the vm website.
GW gives and GW takes away. VM wasn't remotely on my purchasing radar (either was a new broom.....hey, GWlolo - wasn't that your idea too?) and now I have kale in my fridge insisting that I need one. I figure I've saved far more money on hardware, backsplash tile, and the undefinable costs of the poor choices I would have otherwise made were it not for all the "free" info/advice/support here. But dh is really hoping there isn't a GW consensus on a new vehicle for the garage, from which one enters the laundry connected to the kitchen....

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My Costco did not have the 750 and I preferred that model especially for the presets which allow you to turn the knob and walk away. I ended up ordering through Blendarlady who was able to get me 8yrs warranty instead of 7 and the extra jars (I also got the 32oz dry and the smaller 32 oz wet which is perfect for smoothie for 1-2 people). I got the mini tamper and some vitamix supplies thrown in. Blendarlady orders it direct through vitamix who ship it to you. You pay Vitamix directly. The red and black 70 is about 50 bucks cheaper.

We love it. Protein smoothies with veggies go down easily for breakfast or after school snack. Peanut butter in a jiffy and I blended a whole lot of spice blend for a thank you gift for a gathering. And did I mention that the cleaning is super easy :)

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Can you blend a small amount of spices in the VM, say 2T?

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GWlolo - thank you so much for mentioning me in this forum, I am so happy that I was able to help you get a Vitamix that suits your needs!

Kitchendetective - ideally spices should be blended in a dry container (an additional purchase) and sadly, no 2T won't blend well. It really takes about 3/4 of a cup to reach the tip of the tallest blade - that is about the minimum that will process well in a Vitamix - and this only applies to the narrow bottomed containers - not the Low Profile container that comes with a "Next Generation" model. It takes 1.5 cups to reach the tip of the highest blade in a Low Profile container.

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For spices, my $18 Krupp coffee spice blenders works very well. Frankly I don't want to pull out the vitamix for this. I also use the smaller 32oz jar daily for green smoothies etc. The big fat jar okay comes out occasionally. I do make curry pastes in the vitamix. Small jar again.

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You should definitely check out the factory reconditioned models online. They're much cheaper than at Costco or Williams Sonoma, practically brand new (new containers and everything), and come with a 5 year warranty. Both Vitamix and Blendtec sell them. You can also get free shipping (normally $25) and sometimes other special deals using a promo code from someone like or

Here is a link that might be useful: vitamix promotion code

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Gardenbobby, please review this policy

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Unless something changed, Costco doesn't carry the 750. They may carry something similar but others may know better.
I went with the 750 - it makes it pretty darn easy. Pick and let it run.
BTW - checked its decibels last night and while cleaning it was around 950 - so it is noisy. I still might get ear protection as an extra precaution - I don't stand by it most of the time but think it is good to protect your investments (my ears)
There is a learning curve - check out some of the old posts - mine was something like Help me like my new Vitamix.

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