seating for full height makeup counter?

maggiepie11April 30, 2013

i didn't see any results that answered my question so i'm not sure if i'm way off base here, but figured i'd ask.

we're building a new house and are in the final planning stage before construction begins. in our master bathroom, we're planning his/her vanities, and attached to mine will be an additional area for girly prep. :) i've got 8' for the sink and makeup area, so there's lots of options to make it an awesome space. we're both tall, so the vanities will be 36" tall.

the thing is, i don't love the look of the makeup areas that drop down in height. i'd like to have one continuous, uninterrupted piece of granite without dropping it down. but to do that i'd have to buy a counter-height stool like i had in my last kitchen! it seems like a reasonable solution, but i couldn't find any pictures on houzz or any discussion after a few searchs on GW. is it a bizarre idea? has anyone else done it? like it? hate it?

i'd appreciate any feedback or words of wisdom!

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I think it's totally fine, and I'm considering doing the same thing for my remodel (although mine is a separate vanity, not a continuous counter). You could use a 24" stool for seating. I think it will look better to have the countertop stay the same height, and honestly, who has time to sit down when she gets ready anymore anyhow? I always stand to to my hair and make up, and the higher counter is more comfortable for that.

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thanks ChristaM! i'm going for it!

right before i saw your response, i stumbled on a handful of pics on houzz. not sure why my original searches weren't turning up anything. i'll link to them just in case this post turns up in a GW search for the same thing. :)

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I purchased a stool for our full height "makeup" counter. I like it because there is a lever so I can raise it or lower it. We haven't had it long but has a nice look of quality I think. You can read some of the reviews on Amazon where I purchased it at:

Here you can see part of it beneath our vanity which is 35.5 inches high below. It move fast on our porcelain floor - I worry a little about stability when I have it up high but then I'm not real quick on my feet. I use it mostly in the lower position when putting clothes in the washing machine that is cross the aisle from the vanity. If I used it a lot for makeup, I think I would buy a counter stool that didn't roll around so quickly but I agree with you, I don't like the changes in height on some vanities for makeup. I looked a lot on and never could find a setup that I liked.

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Another thing to consider for a makeup counter. Shallow depth vanities are better for putting on makeup - because they are shallow, you can really get close to the mirror. Guess that really means that for makeup, one should buy a smaller countertop mirror. I've looked for these at some of the online bathroom fixture websites - the prices vary a lot - I'm not sure what is good quality, what magnification is good, are the ones with lights really that much better etc., etc.
Let us know if you find one you like.

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I have the same dilemma. I have 36 in vanity counters, L shape and wanted the marble to be continuous at the same level. I am using it standing as I haven't found the right stool. I don't want it in the way. The shower is opposite the makeup area. I have contemporary wall hung vanities and statuary marble. I like a lucite bar stool that would blend in nice, but a stool that tucks under would be out of the way. I don't want to see the stool become a clothes rack.

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