securing site during construction

newbie21March 1, 2013

We are building in remote area. I'm really worried about theft of wiring etc. Anyone have any tips or creative suggestions to secure the house?

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I am in the start of my build and I have a gate at the entrance of my property (only way in by vehicle) and I have a trail cam mounted to catch any vehicle entering or leaving (or anyone walking past) the gate. I can read the license plates plain as day even when it is pitch black out...the trail cam cost me about $100.00.

I also target shoot a bunch and there are lots of loud "booms" emittiing from my property that might deter anyone that might be in the area and considering an unauthorized visit.

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After 3 weekends of small things disappearing I installed a trail cam just in time to catch this thief going big, just this past weekend. $650 well spent as the value of things taken were around $2500. He even took our paint and floor finish!

Its almost always someone that had something to do with the job. In this case it was a kid working for the roofer. I got most of the things back and will be delighted to see him go to jail as he is under investigation for a similar incident. It takes this kind of physical evidence to get a conviction. The reconyx 950 got about 40 pics of him. I didnt even realize he had gone in through the window until I reviewed the pics later..

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That is an awesome picture. Hope he spends plenty of time in a cell.

Glad you were able to recover many of the stolen products and goods.

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Brian - Reconyx is a great camera. I recommended one to someone on this board in the last couple weeks. I plan to use them on my build as well... I want to put one up and have it take time lapse and have another one or two set up in the trees to take pictures of vehicles and the house. I plan to mount them up in the tree to prevent vandalism and theft of the camera. Great job on catching this guy. Only thing worse than a liar is a thief.

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How about a hungry bull mastiff or two on the site?

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