Rixi Mandorla Tile

sratseyApril 25, 2012

New here and hoping you can all help me. I know this is the Bathroom forum, but figured since this is tile related, someone might have suggestions.

Did a search, but came up short. I'm planning on using Rixi Mandorla to do a subway tile backsplash in my kitchen. I know a few people have used this tile in the past. The manufacturer suggests sealing the tile prior to grouting. Can someone recommend a good tile sealer and then a grout sealer for this purpose? Has anyone ever used this tile and NOT sealed prior to grouting?

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I used the Rixi Mandorla as my kitchen backsplash about 3 or 4 years ago. I ordered mine on-line from Best Tile with no instructions about sealing the tile prior to install.

One thing I will mention. I received sample tiles of the Mandorla and Crema colors. The Mandlora sample had a lot of very pronounced crackling. Almost a crystal crackled look which I loved. However, my actual order was much more subtle and I was a bit disappointed. If I had to do it over, I'd call and tell them I wanted boxes with the MOST crackled appearance that they had.

My tile installer used unsanded grout, and did NOT seal prior to grouting or afterwards.

Here's what mine looks like.

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I was looking at another crackle tile (by Decocer) and I specifically noticed that their instructions specified sealing and also mentioned the sealer to use. Look at Decocer Urban crackle tile and you should find the sealant they suggest. Love that backsplash! I'm looking at that tile or the Decocer for my shower - just waiting to get my samples. I agree that I love the crackling.

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I love the kitchen. I have the same rixi tile and was wondering what color grout you used (and brand)? Thanks so much!

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