Outdoor Gas Grill?

andybpApril 20, 2011

Not sure where to post this note as there doesn't seem to be a forum for this on Gardenweb. Since I did most of my appliance research on this forum I thought I'd start here and you smart people might be able to point me in the right direction.

We are about to do a backyard remodel including patio and grill area. Not sure yet if we'll do a built in or free standing gas grill.

Was hoping some of you might have recommendations of the best ones to look at.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I've had a Weber Genesis 2000 free standing natural gas grill for almost 20 years. It lives outdoors under a cover year round. Through rain and snow and gloom of night, it has never filed to perform.
I've replaced the grates and flavorizer bars 3 or 4 times and the burners just once.
I may replace it next year as the chassis is starting to rust through.
They ain't cheap, but where else will you find a unit that will last this long?

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Depends on your budget.

This website has a lot of in-depth videos of their products and a wide selection.

Here is a link that might be useful: bbq place

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Terrific. Thanks to both of you for a starting point.

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Hi andybp, wondering what you did with your gas grill please. We are now considering which to do and would appreciate any advice you have. Thanks.

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Carol, are you sure you want a gas grill?

How big do you need.
Why gas?
Do you ever Smoke or actually BBQ?

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I would have to recommend a Holland grill. I work for a company who is an authorized dealer for Holland Co. and one day our rep. came to demonstrate the product. He cooked all kinds of steak, chicken, pork chops, bacon, biscuits, an apple pie and more. On the bigger ones the chamber is even large enough to grill an entire turkey inside. It uses a grill grid instead of a grate with a drip pan that prevents flare ups because the drippings never touches flame (guaranteed by the company). To some people this is new and they don't like it because they want their meat to have char marks on it, but it actually makes the meat allot more tender. For those who still need char marks they offer an attachable accessory that will "sear" the meat. Their grills come with a lifetime warranty on the cast iron burner too which is the most expensive part of the grill. Their expensive, but we've never had a complaint from customers.

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Thanks for your response. We'll check out the Holland grills. Sound great. And I am not a fan of char marks! Thanks again.

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Dear awells218, well...we purchased a Holland Grill after all. Just wanted to thank you for your information. We will try it out this spring...not installed yet. Thanks again!

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My Broilmaster is not at all fancy (matte black cast iron) but I love it. My Dad gave me his 20yo one back in the late 80's and it lasted another 12 years for me (I replaced the burner and grates once). I bought another, hooked up to natural gas this time, and just last year (after 11 years of almost everyday use in the summer) I had the service tech come out to look at it. He cleaned it thoroughly, repainted it, and added new stainless grids. When we move later this year it's going with us!
It was expensive, but worth every cent.

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