Please review my plans (2nd floor)

cranberrykidsMarch 17, 2013

deleted until plans are revised.
Thanks for your help!

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I feel like, "it is unfortunate the office person has to walk around the stairs to get to their bathroom". Is there a better (closer) way to arrange those rooms? Can you swap the stair sides? Or, make the room with the attached bath the one on the stair side and the other room have the hall bath?

It just seems like an unfortunate arrangement. Not horrible. Maybe just could be better.

Also, without seeing dimensions, I think it very tight between the sink and shower in order to get to the toilet.

Where will you hang your shower towels?

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I like your idea of making the office have the en suite and the other bedroom have the hall bath...will look into that. Thanks!

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It's okay, but not great.

The one thing I'd question is the number of bathrooms. You say that you expect you'll be a family of 6 . . . but you'll be down to 2 within a decade. Yet you're building 4 1/2 bathrooms -- your kids will have more bathroom space than you and your spouse. In a decade, you'll have 5 toilets for 2 people -- unless your budget is unlimited, this is an odd allocation of resources. I'd move the hallways a bit so both kids could share one good-sized bath, and I'd make the other space into either a storage closet OR an upstairs laundry.

Remember, bathrooms are the most expensive rooms in the house. They also require cleaning, and they offer the potential for expensive plumbing problems.

I just saw your downstairs plan, and this makes me realize a mistake: You say you're running two home businesses, but you haven't included a restroom for clients. You really do need that. I'd suggest relocating the back-door half-bath nearer the office (or the office nearer the back door bath).

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