Please review my plans (1st floor)

cranberrykidsMarch 17, 2013

deleted until plans are redrawn

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Maybe it is just me, but I can't get your image big enough to read anything.

Where is the front door? Hopefully not the double doors that have a bathroom across from them.

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Sorry! I am pretty computer illiterate. When I converted the adobe file to a JPEG(?) file, it allowed me to zoom in and out so I assumed everyone would be able to do so.

The whole entryway has been revamped and the architect has not updated the plan yet. The entry door that you are looking at is the main entry, but we moved it to the right and chopped that bathroom/laundry room in half, putting the w/d set out in the garage (wonâÂÂt be used as a main laundry). Then, the opening to the bathroom will be facing the garage, not the entry. The entry will open into an office area where IâÂÂll have my desk (we have employees and customers who come in and out for various reasons so want it away from main house area). There will be a large window above desk and directly across from entry doors. The door from garage was moved down the wall towards the desk so now we can put a pony wall up at the right of the entry door and that will make about a 4âÂÂx4â box between the doors so we have a place to hide all the shoes, boots, etc with a bench to sit on to remove boots.

Hope that makes sense.

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Sounds almost like it's going to be a combination house/office business center? IMO, that's going to be a very strange entry. Basically the entry is in the mud room even if you move it to the right! You would have a verrrrry hard time reselling in the future. Maybe you need to wait until the architect has finished and then repost.

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Yes, we have two home-based businesses. I don't think we will ever sell...hopefully one of our kids will take over the family farm. Yes, I should probably wait to repost with the revisions. Thanks.

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You need a new concept--this one isn't working. You are talking about door sizes and laundries, and at this stage you should be considering flow, layout, massing, function, circulation, etc. You're getting much too detailed, much too soon.

Some comments:
--Your house will be dwarfed and overwhelmed by the huge garage structure. The result will be a large "industrial" building with a small house attached. Since you are building on your farm, and land isn't an issue, completely seperate the garage and locate it so that it is convenient to the house, but not close enough to dwarf it.
--Plan and locate the house so that it's what is seen (and not the garage) as visitors and guests approach the area.
--Do you really want all arriving guests to move from the entry, through the kitchen, to the living area? Is you kitchen always spotless and tidy?
--I can't tell what the large space is in the center of the house where the stair is located. Is that your living/family area? Whaterver it is, is it important that it have natural light, windows and/or exterior doors? It appears to be an overly large completely interior space.

I'm sorry to say, but I think you either need to start over and/or find a more experienced and talented architect. This just isn't going in a good direction.

Good luck with your project.

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I agree that the entry is just badly conceived. Entering into an office -- even if you do run a home business -- is just a bad plan.

A better choice: Create an entry hall. Build the office to the side of the house (not in the middle of everything) so that you can regulate business to that side. From that same entry hall, you can have doors leading to the downstairs bedroom and the other rooms. Whether you sell the house or keep it in your family for posterity, this will be a more functional, logical arrangement. If your children do not farm in the future, they can still use that office for another purpose.

I also agree that the garage is over-sized. It's kind of like a garage dragging a house. It seems to be the main event rather than an accessory. First, I'd consider how much you really need this oversized garage. You say your parents are in poor health. How long are they likely to drive? Are they likely to each need a car? Teenagers typically don't have garage spaces -- they're simply too expensive. Unless your budget is very large, I'd cut back to a plain old two-car garage . . . and you can later add another detached two-car garage, if finances and need are there.

One thing I don't see is a back-door entrance. It might be that I just can't see it on this small schematic, but I'd look into adding one in that mudroom area. It'd allow people to come straight into that easy-to-clean spot and use the restroom or take off dirty shoes before coming into the real living area.

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Another thought-- given that you expect to need this large house for only about a decade, would it be possible to build it with an eye towards selling it or renting it out, on a piece of land you *could* sell off, and then build something that is the right size for you and your husband later?

Otherwise, you'll be heating and cooling and maintaining a really large house for decades longer than you actually need the space.

If that plan makes sense to you, then I think I'd build a house that is just for living in, and make a separate structure (maybe an insulated and heated pole shed or something?) for your home business. That would keep employees and customers out of your house, and would allow you to have continuity with your business when you do sell and build again.

Or you could do what the Amish would do, and have a family home and a "grandma house"-- build the small home sized for two now, and let your parents live in it now, and you and your husband can move there later. In the meantime, you could rent out the small house or let one of your kids live in it.

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I almost made the suggestion about a small, detached Granny cottage. Connected to the house via a walkway, it could be a practical idea.

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Oops -- I sent too soon.

My mom has a Granny cottage, of sorts. Built in late 60s/early 70s for an elderly relative, I know that my mom would never have anticipated how many changes that apartment would go through:

- The relative lived in it for a long time.
- When we were teens, we older kids had our bedrooms there, giving us a little bit of privacy.
- Another relative lived in it for a while.
- It served as two different businesses over the years.
- It stood empty for a long time (but my parents could turn on the heat /water heater for weekend guests).
- Now they live in the apartment, while one of my brothers and his kids share the larger house.

A smaller, separate dwelling sounds like a versitile, positive choice for your situation.

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virgilcarter ��" I agree, itâÂÂs not working and I do feel very rushed.

MrsPete ��" Thanks for the idea of the entry hall and moving the office. The garage is one-car and then the large structure is the âÂÂshopâ to house our motorhome and boats. It does look like a garage dragging a house. I was trying to bend it to âÂÂhideâ it a bit more with the house a little bit forward. The mudroom is redone since this rendering and there is a door from the garage straight into that area. Also, a side door to be added to the living room. PS: Love the term âÂÂgranny cottageâÂÂ!

zone4newby ��" Good idea, but we donâÂÂt have a spot to do that. However, along that idea, we are looking at buying another piece of farm with a house and doing just what you say. IâÂÂve not looked into the Grandma House, but will give it some thought.

To everyone, thanks for your thoughts. I think I will remove this post (if possible) to save everyone elseâÂÂs time as it is definitely far from perfect.

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