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ctkathyApril 2, 2013

I've got 6" tall Cheviot vessel sinks going into an all-drawer vanity. Will 31" height be ok for the vanity? I've got a window on the left side and it starts 32" above the floor so to go over 32" will be a problem. 6" on top of the 31" vanity makes a total height of 37" and I am hoping that will be ok.

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I'd worry it will be too high. Is this a master bath or will guests be using it? How tall are those would be using it?Friends of ours have a vessel sink in the powder room and its awkward to me because of the height. I'm 5-5. A kitchen counter is usually 36 I think, so it would be higher than that.
If its too high, water will run down your arms when you wash.

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Husband is 6'4" and I'm also tall so that is not a concern. I'm concerned the vanity will be too short and this is for the master bathroom.

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Vanity height should be fine. When you're leaning over the vanity, you're usually leaning over the sink, so a sink at 36-37" should be perfect. A standard comfort height undermount/drop-in sink & vanity is 36" tall.

We have a 5.5" tall vessel sink on a 30" tall vanity in our powder room and the height is perfect.

Hope this helps!

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Kathy, best thing to do, if possible, is see if you can find a showroom somewhere that has a vessel sink on that height of vanity. OR, if you have a vanity that height elsewhere in your house, prop up a 6" bowl on it to try it out.

We are having a drawers only vanity made too (if the frikken carpenters ever get back to me, DH may have to make it himself...), and my original plan was for a vessel sink, but luckily I got to try one out at a cabinet place, and it was definitely too high...but that was on a 34" kitchen height vanity. I had tried the bowl on my kitchen counter, and thought it was OK, but of course my kitchen is way bigger than my BR will be, and seeing and trying it out in the cabinet place BR convinced me to go with an undermount sink in my situation.

Are you having your vanity custom made? Would love to hear about/see your plans!

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that would be too short for my preference... i would rather have higher vanity and no vessel sink (or a somewhat sunken vessel/ demi vessel) . our vanity is ~ 36 1/2" tall including the granite and i have 2 demi-lavs on top... extending up ~2" (38 1/2" from floor) at the highest parts and the ht is great, so the height of your sinks would be good, but i would find the vanity to be too low.

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I'm only 6'0 and 31" would be uncomfortably short for me. My in-laws have a 30" vanity in one of the bathrooms and it's just not enjoyable.

I'd at least push it to 32" or whatever your max is given your window. If it's the window's apron that starts at 32", I'd consider cutting the apron to allow for a taller vanity.

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I measured a couple at lowes a couple weeks ago, and they were between 34" and 35" high to the countertop

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Sloyd. Is that to top of sink or top of vanity with undermount sink? I am doing an over counter sink.

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Spec'ed 34-1/2"h for my double sinks, perfect for my 5'8" frame

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ctkathy: countertop of an undermount sink. For a vessel sink you would subtract the vessel's height from the height of the vanity +-1". so a vanity for a 5" vessel would be 29-30 high"

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