24" vs 30" vs 36" Fridge

bericklynApril 15, 2013

Hey everyone, I was looking at the Liebherr refrigerators and was debating on what size to get. This is in a small NYC galley kitchen 8' x 9'. I suppose it's a decision of counter space vs fridge space.

Anyone have any input?


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>>>"I suppose it's a decision of counter space vs fridge space."Exactly. Nobody can make that trade-off for you.

You might want to go over to the Kitchens forum, with a sketch of your kitchen layout and maybe get some advice from the deign mavens over there.

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I have a tighter kitchen space, as well, and decided on the SubZero 700TCI, which is 27 inches wide. For me, the 24 inch Liebherr seemed just a bit too tight, and a 30 inch seemed too big. Also, I like how the SZ integrated units can sit flush with cabinetry (my last fridge stuck out a few inches and made the space look crowded).

I do really like the lights and shelves in the Liebherrs. Good luck to you!

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The door on the 24 inch doesn't swing out as far when opening it. That might be a bonus in a tight kitchen.

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Our kitchen is a little bigger than yours, but still small from what I've seen on GW! 10'x 10-6" We have a 30" Liebherr which fits nicely. We love it! I would think 36" would be way too big for your dimensions...

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Be careful of Liebherr. I had problems with the ice maker only a couple months after purchase. Customer service was horrible. Over the next year their continued "solution" was to keep sending me replacement parts. The Liebherr certified installer said he saw many instances of the problem. I finally gave up and have a very expensive refrigerator with a non-functioning ice maker. I realize even brand has issues but what irked me more was the complete indifference from Liebherr.

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I went with a 30 inch Whirlpool and picked up another 6 inches of counter space plus my upper cabinet is 6 inches wider. I love this size and the extra counter space. I think 27" would have been too small (inside).


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24". You live in NYC. You don't need to store a whole lot of food in your apartment. You are tripping over food stores wherever you go and you can get anything delivered - prepared or raw. Let them store the food.
I have the 27" TCI and the freezer is full after a Costco run. The fridge is too small when I am storing a cold buffet for 35. Neither happens often and I prefer the extra counter which facilitates both daily prepping and baking Christmas cookies.

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"24". You live in NYC. You don't need to store a whole lot of food in your apartment. You are tripping over food stores wherever you go and you can get anything delivered - prepared or raw. Let them store the food. "

Having lived through some natural disasters and having no fuel for delivery trucks (or cars or buses .....) I find this thought to be foolish. Granted, the Kinder Morgan delivery line only gets cut infrequently but, I'm only one backhoe/dozer/idiot away from needing to drive to New Mexico or California for groceries and gas again.

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" I find this thought to be foolish."

Really ?

So, you'd rather get a supersized suburban costco shopping soccer mom fridge to store all of oversized portions of food you'll never use before they spoil , give up kitchen space that might be better used , pay more $$$ upfront and monthly ?

All for the POSSIBILITY that a freak storm or power outage MIGHT come along again and disrupt your delivery man or local purveyor for a few days ?

OK., Aint America great ?

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We live in NYC and have a galley kitchen too. We LIKE to have a lot of food in the fridge. We have healthy appetites and go through a lot of food. and we cook almost every night. We are careful shoppers and have less than no interest in shopping in the stores on every corner or in having anything delivered. That is how we Iike to do it. And yes, we shop at Costco for a large portion of our food. And no, I have not been a soccer mom for a number of years now.

So, I would be careful about making broad generalizations about people and what they need because we all make different choices. No one needs to make a value judgment.

Eshatz, you need to determine whether you prefer the storage of a larger fridge or the extra storage that would result from having a smaller fridge. If it helps, we ended up with a Sub Zero French door fridge which is 36" wide. I would say that is about the right size for us. It just the two of us for the most part but our three daughters come back from college for vacations and summer. The freezer is a bit skimpy but it was a trade off. In the old kitchen, we had the Sub Zero 42" side by side, which had a larger freezer. however, I didn't want a side by side anymore. So the only choices were the Liebherr French door or the SZ French door. My husband didn't like the Liebherr, which was funny because he had no opinion about anything else in the kitchen. For my part, the top shelf of the Liebherr felt a bit high for me. So we went with the SZ. Or neighbors have the Liebherr and love it.

Anyway, I hope that describing how we live and cook in a NYC galley might help you a bit in making your decision.

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I live in the city also but my kitchen is big at 10x12 so not a galley. I currently have a 30"W 66.5H GE Profile and a KA undercounter fridge(for food not a wine cooler). Both get filled up because veggies and fruit take up a lot of room. I left space(33"W x 72"H)for a replacement fridge. If I were in a galley kitchen I would go for the middle size(30 or 33) if you have counter space that you are comfortable with. If you leave space for a Liebherr will you be able to replace with a fridge that fits the space if you need to in the future ?
I would have considered SZ or Liebherr but I'm happy that I have a few options in my price range if I need a replacement(please mr. GE last a long time)

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