help - Bluestar oven door stuck

mrzedApril 23, 2009

I have a RNB 30 inch - about 2 1/2 years old now, and though I am still very happy with the performance, I am becoming less enthused about the QC on this model - or the design.

For a few weeks, now, the hinge would occasionally seem a little stiff - perhaps I should have lubricated it as soon as I noticed - but it went last weekend from slightly stiff, to completely locked - with the oven at 500 and a pizza inside (now a very dry pizza 5 days later).

Attempts to open the oven did not get beyond 2" opening at the top. pushing harder just deformed the sheet metal on the inside of the oven door. A gap opened, which i will have to try to fix later, but I used that to spray some lubricant inside the workings.

I have tried using leverage to push the oven open from where the hinge attaches, but to no effect. As far as I can tell, removing the oven door requires opening it first - which seems to put me in a bit of a bind. The unit is past warrantee - so I am looking for advice on how to fix this. I doubt a local tech will have any specific experience with this problem even if I wanted to pay someone to fix it - which I prefer not to.

I would appreciate any advice on how to solve this issue - please don't reply to only bash the quality - there are plenty of other threads for that. I am a handy person and not afraid to work on things myself, but I don't have the first clue where to start on this. If I really do need to bring in a pro - I'll accept that advice too.


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If you give me a call I can tell you what to do

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mrzed, Long shot that you are still looking at this, but did you ever resolve your door problem? My door is stuck for the second time so I am wondering if there is a longer term solution.

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The way to prevent this happening is too oil the hinges on a regular basis say every 3 months.

From memory I have never know a door stick that has been oiled, (that's not to say it has never happened.)
Should the door get stuck it's a very simple fix.

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