HELP! Cleaning this Rentals Oven..

Jessica1989July 19, 2014

Warning the picture isn't pretty.

I am not too sure how I am going to clean this oven roof. Everything I have read said I can't spray anything onto the grill elements. But how do I clean the roof and elements?

Any suggestions???




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Check to see if the element just plugs in the back(?) for removal. Disconnect the power first.

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A lot of electric elements will unplug at the back. If it won't unplug easily, it may drop down. You may have to remove a couple of screws on the bracket holding it. If all else fails and you can't drop it down, then cover the element with foil while you are spraying it. It probably won't stay there as you are cleaning, but the foil will protect the element from overspray. Good luck. That is one dirty oven! To clean the elements, you can use steel wool (without soap). You can also try putting a glass measuring cup with white vinegar or lemon juice in it (you can boil it in the microwave first) and then heat the oven so the fumes and moisture coat the oven. This will also help get off the oven cleaning residue after you've done the rest of the cleaning.

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In years past you could place a cup of ammonia in the oven, close door, leave overnight and the next morning remove cup of ammonia. The fumes penetrates the dirt, softens it for easier cleaning.

Good luck on cleaning an oven like that one.

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Buy a cheap used but clean one on craigslist. Might be best $150 you spend this summer! If it's a rental it need not be fancy.

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I had an oven like that before and I simply buy an oven cleaner but not the spray ones but the ones in plastic container. Get a sponge and slowly rub in the floor until it gets wet, leave it overnight and clean.

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Hi, OldFixer, As a fellow landlord, I'm wondering how the oven project is going. Good luck.

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