please review. Last chance before construction plans

miffy13March 27, 2012

I think we want to move the door from living to dining and I would love ideas n how to line up master bath door to closet with mirror on center wall.


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Looks great!

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To line up your closet door with mirror:
push your bathroom door out so it is even with a corner of the closet, rather than with a corner of the bathroom. Then, push the vanity up.
Or, square it all out. Any reason you have made it so the person sleeping who needs to get to the bathroom has to go through the sitting room to do so? It is a long walk in the night.

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I would move the bathroom door so that it is easy and quick to get to when you get up during the night.

What about moving the closet door so that it is directly accross from the sitting room? It would give you a lot of extra counter space, and somehow I always think bathrooms look more put together when both sinks share a counter.

Also, may I ask why you have a partial wall between the sitting area and main master? I've just never seen it designed like that and I'm curious!

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I would add another door, from the master suite hall into the walk in you don't have the only entrance, through the bathroom. It would also save you a few steps, when bringing in clean clothes, from the laundry area :)

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Also, bdrm 3 and 4's closet doors should either be outswing, or pocket or french. They are too small to have them be walk-in/close door/reach other side (what would be behind the door) otherwise.

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I see much to like but a few things that strike me "not quite up to par" for a house of this size.


1) Fully half of the closet space for bedroom #5 is made practically inaccessible with that inswinging door. To reach the clothing on the right hand side, one would have to open the closet door completely and stand in the upper left hand corner so that one could close the closet door behind you (you can't close a door while you're standing in the swing-zone) and then, after choosing one's outfit, repeat the process in reverse to get out of the closet. A reach-in closet with two outswinging doors would give you just as much hanging room and ALL of it would be useable instead of half of it being blocked by a door. AND, you could use the freed up floor space to your pantry. You could also use a pair of bi-fold doors if you're concerned that out-swinging doors would take up too much of your floor space in the bedroom.

2) The pantry is plenty large enough but that 2ft deep shelving (or whatever it is) right in the center of the pantry is going to make it hard to reach items stored on the narrow shelving on either side. If you want/need some deep shelves, move them down to one end and do a jog into some of the space currently eaten up the poorly designed walk-in closet for bedroom #5.

3) Speaking of bedroom # 5, why not move the bedroom door so that it is next to the stairs instead of tucked into an alcove. This will not affect the amount of privacy in bedroom 3 since you have exactly the same views into the room when the door is open. But it will give you a bit more useable floor space since the door-swing won't be taking up any of the space.

4) I'd probably use a pocket door from bedroom 5 to it's bathroom. Otherwise you could have instances where the two door swing into one another causing some scratches/dints on one of the doors.

5) Your nice large kitchen island is a proverbial "barrier island." That is, it blocks your path between sink/dishwasher and refrigerator making cooking and clean- up a lot more work b/c you have to walk around the island to carry veggies from the fridge to the sink to wash them, etc. IF you had a prep sink in the lower left hand corner of the island, it would help but it looks like you're planning to have a raised bar (with bar stool seating?) on the fridge side of the island a prep sink won't fit there.

6) If you ARE thinking of having bar stools along one side of the island, bear in mind that sitting "all in a row" is not very conducive to conversation.

7) I'm also not sure you have enough aisle space between the bar and the fridge. It also looks like you have 3.5 ft of clearance between fridge and island. That would be okay so long as your fridge is a counter depth model and you weren't planning to have bar stools. Bear in mind tho that non-counter depth fridges often stick out as much as a foot beyond the edge of the counter which would only leave you 2.5 ft of aisle space. That would be uncomfortably tight even without bar stools. Add with bar stools and it is just not enough room.

If it were me, I'd move the fridge to the wall to the right of the sink/dishwasher. This would make the fridge more easily accessible to the breakfast nook AND it would help solve the barrier island issue. I would also consider maybe making the island a tiny bit shorter and wrapping the raised bar around in an L. This would allow for seating on two sides.

8) Afraid I don't understand what you mean about moving the door from living to dining as I don't see any door there. Did you maybe mean the door from dining to kitchen? Moving the kitchen/dining room door to the other side of the stove WOULD mean that folks in the dining room would have less of a view into your kitchen sink area. Since, for me at least, dirty pots/pans tend to collect around my sink, I'd prefer that diners having a formal meal in the dining room NOT have a view of the sink. LOL!


1) Library/bedroom 2 lacks a closet completely. This is not problem if the room is actually going to be used as a library. But if you're thinking you can count it as a bedroom in case of resale needs, I think most realtors won't list a room as a bedroom without a closet.

2) Walk-in closets for bedrooms #2 and #3 suffer from the same problem as the walk-in closet for the downstairs bedroom although perhaps not quite to the same degree since they are a tiny bit deeper. Still though, in both cases a fairly large share of the closet space is nearly inaccessible. You would do better in both cases to convert the closets to reach-in closets.

3) You don't show a door directly from your master-bedroom into the master bath. Do you really intend not to have one??? I would not want to wake up in the middle of the night needing to use the potty and have to walk from bedroom, thru sitting area, and back thru private hallway space and clear across bathroom to reach the toilet. I can understand entering the master bedroom via the sitting area but if I had to choose between having to travel from the bedroom (in the middle of the night) thru the sitting room to reach the toilet, or having to cut thru the bedroom to reach the toilet on those occasions when I was using the sitting area, I'd choose the former.

4) I don't really see a way to move the master closet door so that it will line up with the center wall as you asked - but if you decide you want/need access from master bedroom directly to master bath, that will force some changes to the bathroom area that could open up some possibilities.

Hope some of these observations are helpful. Good luck with finalizing your plan.

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I agree with bevangel with regard to the door swing in the walk-in closets, but I would solve the problem in a different manner. Assuming the closet doors are 36" wide, I would just make them outswing doors. I would put all shelves on one side of the closet. On the other side of the closet, I would divide it in two so you could have a single rod and a double rod. On the back wall of the closet I would put hooks for things like a robe, the jeans I just took off etc.

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The plan has a nice flow to it. Would really like to see the elevations, too. With that being said, there are a few things I would tweak...

-I agree one the closet issues as noted above, but I would solve them in a different way altogether--why not move the closet doors down to the end of the closet wall vs. the center? It would make more of the closet accessible, allow for inswing doors if desired & give you more continuous wall space in the bedrooms.

-Don't care for the master/sitting/bath arrangement--need a door from bedroom to bath either utilizing the little angled wall or putting a door in on the wall by the shower.

-Don't understand the wall between the sitting room and master bedroom.

-Lining up the bathroom door with the closet dividing wall with a mirror on it--If you move the bathroom door to the space next to the shower, you could square off the angled corner of the bath and slide the vanity to the left of the closet further up the wall. You could then slide the closet door over so it lines up with the dividing closet wall for the mirror. You may even be able to get a little larger vanity in the space if you wanted.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you everyone for your comments.
I was referring to the doors going onto the patio from the dining rather than living room.
I will definately look into the closet door swing issue.
Let me explain the bathroom arrangement. My husband ges up really early and wants to not tiptoe around me as much anymore. This way we can soundproof the wall between the bedroom and bathroom and he can shower, get dressed and go without going through the bedroom.
Laura12-the wall is there so the dresser can go on bedroom side, tv on sitting room side and one person can be reading in sitting room while the other is trying to sleep.
Bevangel-the deeper space in the pantry is a counter for toaster, blender etc. Its just an idea and not decided yet. The kitchen layout is not completely set yet. I still need to work on it. The island is one le stools on one side used more for quick meals and extra seating. Library will have two closets with window seat in between that is not drawn

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Be sure to post your 1st floor plans on the kitchens forum for good layout feedback.

For example:

Most prep is done between the fridge and cooktop, and your counters near there are all short and broken up (unless that's a single under-counter oven on the cooktop wall - not sure.)

Please don't build the lower wall next to your cooktop/range. It will limit your landing space and I don't see the purpose. The cooktop in that space without the lower wall will be much more practical. (Imagine taking a big pot off the stove... where can you put it? Not next to the stove - the walls are in the way.) Once that wall is gone I'd move the range a bit down the wall so it's farther from the upper wall.

Your island is a barrier between the sink and the fridge (for washing fruit, veggies, etc.) It would be great to have a prep sink in the island for that. Also, if someone is sitting at the island, you won't have landing space for the fridge. Consider having the island overhang in an L shape: right side and part of bottom. Left of bottom is landing space for fridge and room for prep sink. Sitting at an L means people can speak to each other more easily than if they were all in a line.

I'd offset the pantry door to one side or the other so it doesn't break up your cabinet / fridge run. That way you'll get landing space next to the fridge. I'd probably put it on the right (in the picture) so the fridge is closer to the range, but that depends on whether you access pantry items more frequently than fridge items while cooking.

Not sure if your ovens are in the best spot. The ovens limit that space and right now open into the opening between the front hall and kitchen, which is likely more traveled than the opening between kitchen and DR. I think I'd prefer to have the ovens in the upper left corner and leave a nice long counter run by the cooktop.

I hope you're planning on all or mostly drawers for your lower kitchen cabinets. Great for access and organization. (See thread below.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Drawers vs pull out shelves

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Hi Miffy - I love the idea of a mirrored wall at the entrance to the closet - I was hoping for the same but could not work it out. I think if you lengthen the vanity wall and get rid of the angled entry, you could move the vanity slightly to accomodate moving the door to match the current closet configuration. Please consider the depth of hanging clothes with that closet. I think a minimum width would be 7ft, but you have only 6'4" of width on each side. If hanging clothes take up 2 ft, you only have 2'4" left. Of course, you may be thinking you will put shelving on this center wall which should work. If you do plan to put hanging clothes here, the wall that is seen from the bathroom should be wide enough to cover the clothes -not just wide enough to hang the rod and shelf. That way the closet will appear "neater." I would also consider eliminating the inswing door in the master bath. I had one in my plan, too, and many commented that it was a safety issue. I guess if someone were to pass out or need assistance, you could not get the door open to get them because their body would be in the way. We are doing a pocket door to solve this problem because we close that area very little now, but we do like to have the option - especially when the fan needs to be turned on. ;)

I love the pantry. There is a photo of a similar space floating around on GW. I will help you find it if you haven't already seen it, but I suspect it was you inspiration.

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I can see your concern with noise, though, if you want to keep the door to you bathroom where it is, then I would swap the toilet and shower, and move the closet door out of the bathroom and into the hallway space.

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Updates master bath/bedroom layout. We also moved the doors in the other bedroom closets upstairs to the wall so there is L shaped hanging.

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My new build will have a living/dining similar to yours. I'm moving the door all the way to the right of the living room. It will keep the traffic out of the middle of the living room. I want only 1 door that opens and will keep the rest in windows. You can get French doors where only one side opens. Maneuvering around a table in your bay would be a hassle.

Also, since your laundry is upstairs, what about a utility sink in your mudroom?

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still waters-I am a little worried about the door in the dining room being in the way but I think there will be enough space front to back if we keep the table small usually. I dont want it in the living room because I am having trouble figuring out the layout in there. I want a couch, two chairs, coffee table and piano in there. Any ideas?

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what and for how long does your husband tip toe around in the bathroom doing? Can't he simple close the door to the master and do whatever? What about the kids sick in the night? are you going to walk them around the sitting area too? I realize everyone has mentioned this and you are probably getting annoyed, lol!

As for the master sitting, it is really nice- could you maybe make a large arch opening to master area and close off exisitng doors? It would really look like a master suite verses a room off the master. I think you plans are verynice-what a nice home. Good luck! Can you post frontale elevations?

I would put a whole wall of reach in closets in bedroom two. IT could be converted to built ins for library if needed.

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