Cut vs factory edge

bill_g_webApril 6, 2011


Mongo, if you're there, this is a follow-up question re. dealing with factory and cut edges on tile.

I've got about 32" of wall.

3" will be a trim tile, leaving 29".

I'm using 20" x 20" tile.

I figure it'd look better to cut two 20" tiles down to 14.5" in one dimension to span the 29", though I could be wrong and a 20" with a 9" might not look bad.

If I go with two 14.5" tiles, I figure it's better to put the two cut edges together in the middle because they'll look alike, which would look better than two dissimilar edges, (cut and factory), adjacent to one another, even if I do fully fill the joint with grout. I guess I'm assuming a fully filled joint can't really be FULLY filled without looking bad or out of place, so maybe a tiny bit of edge should still be visible after grouting?

If I go with a 20" and a 9", then your previous advice to place the cut edge in the corner makes sense.

I suppose all of this discussion is moot until I have a tile, cut it and see if I can ease the edge to look like a factory edge, though I doubt I can as it's not a through body color. Marazzi Vesale Stone has a very thin veneer to mimic sand stone.

Also, an unrelated question:

Should tile layout be concerned with the placement of hardware like bars and glass door hinges and valves?



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I'll add a question to my original - Does it make sense to buy a tile or two and cut them to see what I'm dealing with before deciding on the tile?



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