Nok-Out. odor eliminator..anyone used it??

aartwmichJuly 7, 2005

Hiya folks....has anyone used this product or heard about it good or bad?? It supposed to eliminate any odor-mildew, animal, smoke...sounds to good to be true.

Their webpage tells it to be the best things since sliced bread and is of course backed up by many testimonials ;-) so I thought I'd ask the masses here.

Thanks in advance for any experiences or opinions. :-)

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Never heard of the product you've mentioned, BUT when I had to get 'dead' odors out of vehicles (mortuary transport biz), we used OdoBan (something like that) out of Sam's...

Now that I'm back to a 'normal person', Febreze works just fine.

For 'smoke' off of walls, 10% bleach works. If you've got brown stains, use ammonia... just don't use them together.

If I were selling something on the net, I'd sure as heck make up a LOT of positive testimonials about my product... never believe that crap!

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Thanks for responding Gina,

I'll look into the OdoBan. I'm looking for something to remove old smoke stink, and maybe mildew, out of stored clothing, a closet and a dresser. So I need something that can be used in the wash and sprayed on hard surfaces. I've tried bleach in the washer but the odor returns. Same with using ammonia and bleach (separately) on the hard surfaces.

Febreeze won't cut it. I've found febreeze to only cover up bad smells, leaving a perfumey smell that I find unbearable.

As to the Nok-Out webpage braggado and their testimonials, believe me-I don't believe them for a minute!. Thus the wink in my first post and the question here to see if anyone has used this product.

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Well, I've found MANY unsolicited testimonials for OdoBan on other cleaning and household tips webpages after googling the brand name, so I will get some next time I'm at Sam's.

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I smoke and am trying to sell my house. I need to remove the smell whenever I have a showing. Since I only smoke in one room I use Atmosclear. I buy mine at Ace Hardware. It is absolutely fantastic. It has no smell of it's own. It must come in contact with the surface of the item you wish to remove the odor from.
It completely removes smoke, so I think it would work on anything. I do know car dealers in my area use it remove smoke from cars. That is how I found out about it.

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My car broke down about a month ago (the clutch). It was towed to the service station. They said the part had to be ordered, it would take a few days. We heard fire engines one day, the building next to the shop was on fire. They had no electricity for two days. I finally got the car back fixed after fourteen days and a cost of $900. The car was not in the fire nor did it get wet, but the cloth upholstery smells like wet ashes. Any suggestions? So far I have tried baking soda and keeping the windows open, but that makes me nervous because I am afraid of spiders getting in.

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I works wonders!!! I have a cleaning service and use it all of the time. I also am given many referals in the RE biz. to clean, their most smelly homes that R up for sale. I have never had a complaint. Smokers or cats, it works! I spray all of the carpet with a garden sprayer and then use a "Fogger" which you can purchase at any hardware store. Just put in a new furnace filter and turn the fan on "ON" and let the "Fogger" run for 20 minutes in each room. Do get out of there as it is doing it's work. Cover yor mouth and nose when re-entering. U don't smell anything but, I am just, way too carefull. It works every time and I smoke!!! I have sold 3 houses and no one knew that I smoked. It will work U just have to do it right.

Good Luck!

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Where can any of these products be purchased?? Sam's is under construction here and Ace Hdwe moved out!

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laundring doesn't take smoke out of clothes?

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I have seen positive postings for Nok-Out and negative. The only thing I can say is, the negatives ones should first try the product before bashing it. Also, if you have something negative to say why don't you allow people to reply to you? Nok-Out is a fantastic product that really works. I know because I use it all the time. Go to and see the testing results and testimonials that are unsolicited.

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Sev'l months ago I installed some pressed-wood shelving in my bedroom closet. I purchased these shelves at Home Depot. Within the last month, however, the shelves developed an extremely bitter, pungent odor -- unlike anything I've ever encountered -- which then spread to my clothing. All my clothes now stink! I put two coats of oil-based "Kilz" paint on all sides of the shelves but the stink persisted, so the shelves are no longer in my house and I plan to install plywood (not pressed-wood) shelves instead. In the meantime, however, my clothes still stink so bad that after wearing them for a few hours, I am sick to my stomach from the odor. I'm a tall guy (6'6") and cannot just go out and buy new clothes; I have to order all my clothes online and must pay about 50% more for my clothing than average-sized men. I found Nok-Out while doing an online search. I ordered a gallon of this product from a distributor in Louisiana but have not yet received it, so I have no idea if it will eliminate these terrible odors. In the meantime, I tried every other odor-fighting product that I could find at retail stores. I also took about ten items to a dry cleaners. They came back nice and pressed and pretty, but the stink was un-changed. I'm posting this message not just to warn people about buying pressed wood products, but also with the hope that someone can recommend an alternative to Nok-Out in case it doesn't work. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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Whatever happened to good ol' Nil-Odor? Nok-Out sounds like a reincarnation of this old product my mom used. But it used to stink itself if you over-did it.

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Nok out seems to work. the thing about Nok Out from what I understand at least with pet urine in a carpet. It that Nok out needs to saturate the stain almost down to the padding. The following is the answer I received when I first bought the product. I have Kitchen carpeting over a moisture barrier pad and a little Shih Tzu pup:

"Using Nok-Out in a steam cleaner
should be a good idea. Heat doesn't should not change the odor removing
action of Nok-Out. Somehow, the urine odors have not been touched by
Nok-Out. The formula is designed to change/remove odor on contact. I
suggest using the steam cleaner again. Ratio: 8 oz Nok-Out per gallon of
water. Push cleaner forward to inject liquid into the carpet. Do NOT
extract liquid back into the tank at this time. But allow Nok-Out to
penetrate into the fibers, and down to the subflooring for at least 10
minutes. Then, begin the extraction process. Try this, and let me know how
it goes Pat. I want it to work for you. I know that Nok-Out WILL eliminate
odors. It is sometimes difficult to make this happen when finding the
source of the problem is hard.

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I tried Nok-Out on a cat urine stain and it didn't work. I have had good luck with Nature's Miracle.

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Haven't tried Nok Out, but 'What Odor' is a terrific product.

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When you go to the nokout website you will see a new carpet cleaner they make.. It is really good. I used it on the carpet in my car that got wet and smelled musty. My sons complained everytime they drove my car but not anymore. I love nokout and nokout carpet cleaner.

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I swear by Zero Odor which is pricey but it works. I smoke, which is why I bought ZO in the 1st place. ZO removes smoke odor immed w/no after scent. But the acid test was the odor from a dead mouse found under my frig. Anyone who has had this odor/stink will understand. My neighbor, who had removed the dead mouse for me, came back sure there was another under the frig. There was not & I gave him the ZO which he poured on the area. W/in a minute the stink/odor was gone! That sealed the deal for me. I am interested in trying the product from Ace Hardware since much as I love ZO, it is not cheap.

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Yes, I have been using Nok Out for 7 years and wouldn't use anything else. I live with my daughter in laws grandmother and she smokes. I don't. So when I go upstairs to see her, I just spray the Nok Out in the kitchen area and around where she is sitting. The smoke odor is gone within a minute and I can breathe freely. Also, she has a very old dog who is diabetic and uses the house freely as her bathroom. Nok Out gets rid of all the urine odor when I put it in the mop water. I also use it to disinfect her laundry.

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