were to cut cost

newhouse123March 1, 2013

we have our plan and proposal but are over our budget by $10,000..were would be the best place to cut cost? I really dont want to take it off the sq ft..thanks

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well what did you upgrade?

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Well if you don't want to reduce square footage, the other strategies are pretty straightforward:
--Is there anything that can be simplified on your floor plan or elevations?
--Can you reduce or eliminate some fittings or equipment?
--What materials and finishes can you change to less expensive items?

What is your total construction cost? $10K might be a large or small percentage, and that makes a difference.

Good luck on your project.

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Annie Deighnaugh

$10k seems like a pretty small amount and should be able to be handled with choices that are later replaceable such as plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and appliances.

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If you planned an unfinished basement, switch to crawlspace or slab on grade.

Negotiate, if you haven't signed the contract yet.

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10K is an awfully small overage that should be easily cut. However, I'd be concerned about whether or not you have enough of a contingency fund if that amount would prevent you from moving forward with the project. There are sure to be other things that crop up that will need funding. Do you have the 20% set aside for those issues?

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They may be cutting costs in order to have or increase their contingency fund. We did that.

I don't know how to make helpful suggestions about where to cut costs on a project I know nothing about.

When we did need to cut costs, our builder helped us figure out what we could change to meet our goals. Is that an option for you, newhouse?

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Here's a thought. I had my kitchen cabinets quoted online for $13,300 I thought it was reasonable. Big box stores, more. Custom, over twice as much. MIL was in a Re-Store a few months ago. Came across Hickory solid wood cabinets removed in a remodel. I would have never considered it!! Saw them and fell in love. We have adjusted our kitchen just slightly, and have only a 42-44" section that will be built once all walls are set and we know the exact dimensions. My kitchen is all straight stretches 14', 9' and a 9' island. We got it all for 1300, sold the island that was much too small for 500. We are going to have some work in painting them but I just shaved a ton off of the kitchen budget!

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Re-store is a Habitat for Hummanity store. Not sure where they are located or based. In our local re-store there are remodelers that bring the cabinets in in excellent condition, many times they look brand new. I'm sure they get a tax writeoff or the previous owner does. The last set I saw had granite countertops and all appliances. It was awesome and listed at $7000. Craigslist might also have some good finds.

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