Porcelain or ceramic for shower floor?

three3applesApril 10, 2014

I'm debating between a 2" square ceramic or 2" porcelain hex. Thanks.

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Makes no difference really. Just be sure they're rated for use on the floor.

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The ceramic are twice as thick. Does that make a difference at all? They are also through-body colored. Not sure if that matters.

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Porcelain IS ceramic, manufactured in a particular way to absorb virtually no water (less than .5%). Through-body is good because chips won't show as much. I've not heard of a through-body that's not porcelain, however, since a true through-body has no glaze. Thickness doesn't really matter. For a shower floor, I would always choose porcelain. One of my favorites for shower floors is Crossville Color Blox mosaics, which are about 3/16" thick (the specs say 1/4", but they're not that thick).

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