Anyone use dishwasher detergent as a laundry booster?

cynicJuly 31, 2007

Heard of it a long time ago and have been using it quite successfully. However, I don't know how much I should be using. Any ideas? I'm probably using way too much but it's been successful at getting out stains and I an live with the suds and extra rinsing required but wondered if anyone has experience to give me a guide as to what to use. Been using the Great Value powdered stuff from Walmart if that makes a difference.

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I use Cascade powder in my dishwasher. I had tried using it in laundry and to clean toilets, but I can't get it to dissolve. How do you use dishwasher detergent and how much?

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I'm really not measuring. That's what I'm wondering is how much to use. I start pouring and give a swirl about 1 1/2 times around the agitator and stop. Maybe 1/2 cup? I'm bad at judging amounts. I do use it with at least warm to "hot" water which is supposed to help the enzymes work and maybe that helps with dissolving. I've been wondering about that so lately I've started the water filling and pour in the powders and then swirl the water around with my hand. Usually by the time there's 4"-6" of water in the tub it's pretty well dissolved. I then let it soak at least an hour or two to maybe overnight. Then I finish that cycle and run another short cycle to get everything rinsed out.

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How about liquid dish washer detergent?
Linda C

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Thanks Linda. Are you referring to the dissolving or my question? I assume Jannie's? I'd still have the same question, how much to use? Also, do liquids have enzymes in them? The purpose of using it is for the enzyme boost.

FWIW, I usually have good luck with bleach and regular toilet cleaners so I've never tried DW detergent in the toilet.

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Word of warning about soaking clothes in the washer over night. This may allow water to gradually seep thru the seal down into the transmission. I ruined a washer soaking diapers over night.

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Hmm. That I didn't know. Guess it could make sense especially on an old machine. Would think the seal would be worn and just not as tight after 28 years. Now what? Suppose I could use a tote or something. Thanks fo rthe info.

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My husband only uses liquid Dawn dish detergent to wash his clothes. He works in Tire sales and can get some interesting stains. He swears that 20 yrs ago I accidentally shrunk a t-shirt and ever since then has always done his own laundry.

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I use 1 c of dishwasher powder along with detergent & hot water for a full load of nasty greasy clothes and soak overnight. Gets the clothes clean and fresh everytime.

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Thanks lov2garden. That helps. Guess I'm not using too much then. Do you have any problem with excessive suds? I'll try measuring while I pour next time to see a little closer as to how much I'm using.

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An old chef trick is to soak chef coats in a five gallon pickle bucket with a cup of Cascade powder until it's time to do a load. Gets all the grease and stains out.

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I've been using Cascade Powder successfully for whitening towels. I used Cascade Liquid to get dingy white pillow cases whiter and they have a slight blue tint to them. At the moment I am running them through the rinse cycle for a 2nd time and hoping that will work. Has anyone else had Cascade turn their whites bluish??

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Thanks for the tip about the washing machine seals.

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I have used both the liquid and powder versions of dishwasher detergent in the laundry. I usually use between 1/2 and 1 cup per load. I fill the washer with hot water and put both the dishwasher detergent and 1 cup of CLOROX, not cheap bleach, it doesnt work as well, and the laundry soap. however, remember this is for whites ONLY. Dishwasher detergent contains bleach too. This will make dingy whites look brand new. I have two teenage boys and their socks get nasty looking quickly in spite of reglar washing. I may soak them for an hour before starting the wash process. Also, if you have a child with sensitive skin, you may want to let the full cycle run without the laundry soap and then run them a second time as a regular load without bleach so that they can rinse a second time. I hope that this helps

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What about using dishwasher tabs for laundry? Any suggestions?

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Interesting; I never thought to use dish detergent in laundry--I have some dingy whites I'd like to try it on. I have a Maytag Bravos (top load HE)--how would you fill it with water so you can dissolve the stuff before adding clothes? I can't seem to get the machine to quit draining itself.


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