Anyone have a pet proof toilet paper holder?

ChristaMApril 28, 2013

My dog thinks the TP is there for her entertainment. Now that I am planning the bath remodel, does anyone have tips for pet proofing the TP in an attractive way? Do those metal covers do the trick?

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You could try a vertical holder - much more difficult for an animal to unroll.

Or you could try setting a snappy trainer (it looks like a mouse trap with a large flap on it - scares the heck out of a dog or cat that steps on it) under the TP holder.

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I don't have an answer or a suggestion, but I just want to thank you for including a picture. When I saw the title of your thread a smile immediately came to my face imagining what prompted your question. Your picture is so cute! Cute puppy!

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I have a difficult set up for TP holder in my new bathroom. I knew it was going to be a problem, the one real design snag that I couldn't work out. So I have just purchased a short stand up TP holder that will set on the counter next to the toilet. It will be about 6 or 7 inches high I believe. I discovered the ease of use when I temporarily used a paper towel holder in this location as the cupboard that was to house the TP holder was getting painted. As you remodel you might be able to plan for a counter near by, I would recommend this as a stand area for TP :) The pullout is a great place to house hygiene "stuff" too. Now, if you have a circus dog this might not work.

New stand will go on this counter:

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we had some dead space in the wall opposite, so we added a linen/medicine cubbyhole and attached the tp holder to the inside of the door.
we used a door that matches our vanity.

I like that the tp holder is hidden for the cleaner look.

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I have heard that if you put the roll on so it dispenses under, rather than over, it is harder for pets to unfurl. You could easily try this now, and if it works you won't need a special solution.

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The under hang style slowed her down a little, but ultimately just made the game more challenging. No cabinets nearby, either. I'll try the 'snapper' training tool. I didn't know about those things, but I think it might do the trick as aliceinwonderland suggested.

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Oh my goodness, thanks for posting this!! I have the same problem with our long haired chihuahua! The other night she kindly barfed up a wad of TP for me to step in when I got up. I was thinking of hanging it a little higher, as she does not go after the one in our master bath which is higher on the wall. Maybe you can make a temporary hanger on that wall above the current one and see if that helps.

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Wish I knew! My dog also likes to play with the paper, or punish us for daring to leave the house without him.

However, since my dog is a 110lb German Shepherd, there really isn't anything out of his reach if he really wants it, and he has the intellegence/determination of the average 6yr old boy (Probably even more!)

The smartest solution would be a closed door, since the one thing he can't get past is the lack of an opposable thumb, but in our home with the 130yr old doors, I don't have a good system to lock them, so the signal the bathroom is in use is a closed door. 5 people vs one German Shepherd - he wins. ;-)

However if he ever masters that opposable thumb thing - he's gonna take over the world.

Always ;-)

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To keep our big cat from mangling entire rolls of TP, we have it in a DIY pull-out dispenser that sits on the counter. It's a coffee can with a hole in the lid, and paper pulls up through the hole.

He was undeterred by simple cover flaps - he lifts them with his nose and yanks chunks out of the roll.

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Boy can I relate! Our puppy has gone though about a roll a week until we all got used to shutting the bathroom door. The bad news is that the small hall bath does not have any windows so keeping it closed all day is awful. The room just reeks - even with the fan on all day. For our new guest bath which also does not have an operable window, my plan is to simply not have a tp holder. I will put the roll in the vanity (like enduring) because the guest bathroom will definitely be the one most accessible to the dog (and all our guests of course!)

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