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PurplemoonApril 2, 2011

I can't believe I held up for TWO days of shopping. LOL. The antique malls across town were kind of

disappointing. I haven't been to those in around two years. The one has really changed and not even

interesting now. The other one was about same as in past, but can't hold candle to the big one near me I love to go to. I found was a special little rabbit I've wanted for my collection for years, but that's all. I did

really enjoy lunch and the browsing tho, and spending the afternoon with two friends. The one I rarely get to see as she lives an hour from me and I can't drive to her place.

On Friday, my DD took the afternoon off work and took me to Home Goods, Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels!! WOW. Plus we had lunch first. What a great time I had with her!! My body let me act like a normal person the whole time! LOL. She said I'm like one of those little "wind-up toys". Just turn me on and let me go....but when I stop, I topple over and am done for.

I think she's right! ;o) She got me lots of stuff from for my b.d. Some things are not pictured, for Dad's room I'm redoing. (and my oldest son gave me a Michaels gift card, so I have more shopping to do with it.)

So here's a few decor goodies I got. Hobby Lobby's Easter stuff was already really picked over. But there were two bags of these wicker eggs and I really liked them!

and these two lovely bunny things

At Michaels I found these pretty bunny ornaments, tho I took the ribbons off. They are heavy ceramic and I'll just sit them somewhere. The three little birds were found at Kirklands. And surprisingly, the Fall ACORN dish too!!

Jas and my darling DDIL sent me these flowers on my b.d. Suz always makes sure I get flowers since DH doesn't buy them. And she always makes sure there are purple flowers in the arrangements, AND requests the vase be purple or lavender! What a girl, huh!! They did so much for my birthday, really spoiled me. Dinner, gift card to Home Depot, and TWO of those pre-lit twig arrangements! (one I am using in an Easter arrangement right now.)

I am done, I think, with my Easter decorating. Quite a bit I have repacked and can't use this time. But I

I've decorated enough and am satisfied. Bay window, kitchen counters, bathroom counter, entry way, Family-room, and front porch. I've added the link to my album for you to see what I did, 28 photos.

Oh, I was getting some candles at Home Goods and saw one of those metal 'candle trees' I've wanted. Then when I went to get little tea-lights for it, I was thrilled to see some with little birds on them! You'll see a close-up in my album of Easter decorations. I got the lgt green ones. (Michaels had the bird tea-lights too, theirs were white and larger birds. I may have to get some of them too, don't know why I didn't yesterday!)

I found these bunny lights on eBay and 'had' to have them. Not sure if they are old, but I've never seen them before.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: my Easter decor

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Karen, wonderful Easter decor! I love all of it. Your bay window is Outstanding. The purple outdoor decor. is so pretty. I'm not sure Stoney likes his get up but I think it looks great.

All your Easter trees are so pretty and I love how you used so many vines. So many adorable bunnies hopping around at your home. Glad to see you decorated the BOP and bath.

So glad you had 2 fun days shopping. Your birds are so neat. I really like the eggs. Will keep this in mind and maybe make some similar. The pink plate and bunny are adorable.

Better hide that acorn dish if Luvs comes to visit. Very pretty. I've really gotten into the acrons too.LOL

Your bday flowers are gorgeous. Always fun to see what you buy and love the way you display all of it.


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OK, big SCORE on the metal branches w/little bird tealights! I am coveting (big time)! And, of course, coming from a chick like you, those "fuzzies" are fantastic little critters in your nest vignettes! HOW CUTE!

Love those purple plates you used on that metal plate stand!...& the purple vase of b'day flowers...GORGEOUS! I really like those pale yellow birds on the left side of your bay window under that potted branched tree w/lovely eggs...very pretty.

Your family room bookshelf is very lovely w/all the bunny decor & those 2 "hoppin' bunnies" on the mantle are sweet! Like your new wicker eggs in the cloches in Bath, too & very classy BOP pic, ohhhhh my!

OMgosh, PM, everything is just beautiful & you are READY for Easter (4 weeks away yet you're set!) & SPRING...bring it on! Love your decor! Now just sit back & enjoy! (hugs to DH for taking you bonus shopping, too, besides sweet DDIL & friends!) Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Karen....I am always amazed at how much decorating you do! SO many things to look at...and all are just beautiful! Love the metal votive tree with the green birds in it...and you have the most extensive bunny collection I've ever seen! LOVE it! I'm still in awe of how you store it all though...thanks for sharing your home with us. And, I'm so glad you had a great day with your DD.

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So glad you had two fun days.
We have several wascalwee wabbits in common! LOL

All of your vignettes are wonderful. I am amazed to hear that you put some of it away, with everything that you have displayed.

Your new gazing ball is so pretty!



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Great new finds Karen, that pink bunny and plate are beautiful as well as all your other new treasures. Your Easter decor is beautiful, you have been a very busy girly girl. The new wicker weaved eggs look great in the jar with your glass bunnies and I like the little blue vignette(your bath maybe?). Sounds like a great B'day of shopping and what spectacular flowers.

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I can't believe you found an ACORN plate this time of year! It's a really pretty one too! I really love the pink plate and bunny--see you really have turned into a "pinkie", haven't you? LOL The bunny lights are darling and so are the bird votives. As always, you've done a great job on all the decorating. I know I'm forgetting something I wanted to mention, so don't be surprised if you see me posting again after I take another look! LOL So glad you had a nice birthday and two days of getting out to shop for treasures. ;o)


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First off Karen...I'm so happy to hear you had a wonderful Birthday. Your birthday flowers are just beautiful.
It's nice that you got to be 'spoiled' and received some great gift cards - to 'Spoil Yourself'!....don't we all need that once in a while!
Your decorating is beautiful and I love it all. Every time I see your wonderful bunny collection...I get
'pangs of envy'! lol You did an outstanding job on Everything!!....but of course you would, with so many beautiful things to do it with.
I love the bay window and the kitchen counter vignette is very sweet. Love the metal cake stand and the combination of the lime green and you! Also so many lovely vignettes and trees. I like the straw eggs in the jar too.
I'm glad you got some of your decorations out...even if it's not ALL - it sure looks amazing!


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Karen, Looks like you had a great time shopping!!
I'm so glad you did some decorating. I hope it lifted your spirits. Your birthday flowers are lovely.
l Loved looking at everything.
I hope Jazz minds his manners!!!

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