Cleaning a gold ring that was lost,,I'll explain

piper101July 31, 2009

Hi, I got a nice surprise today when I found an 18k gold ring that I thought had been stolen by some installers.

Long story short, it was in a gold liquid cleaning solution (you know those red plastic containers with the solution, a catch basin and brush?). So it's been sitting in this solution for EIGHT years. The pattern is byzentine so it has some weavings and dimension. Problem is, I guess the gold cleaning solution has changed the color of the gold to a darker color and the crevices are dark and that brush hasn't gotten either to change.

Any ideas on how to get it back to looking like the 18K gold I know it is. Made in Turkey if that helps. Thank you, Nicole

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If you take it to a jeweler, they will use a sonic cleaner, steam and a buffing wheel to clean it for you.

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