cuticle remover on diamond -Wow

molossermomJuly 29, 2011

Hi all. This is my first post on this forum after browsing it for a few months I see a lot of like minded people here ; people that get tickled when they find something that really works. My friends and family just didn't get my excitement and so I thought I�d run my discovery by you guys and see , maybe I am nuts.

For starters my ring consists of 10 little diamonds set in the middle and across the top of a platinum band with a big diamond held above them in the middle. (Its built like a fortress!)Having a bad habit of losing things; I thought it safest to wear it 24/7. Needless to say it gets dirty!

I mean really dirty, I cook, I garden, and clean up after two Giant English Mastiffs. After twelve years of trying everything from baking soda, to ammonia , to steam and never being able to get all the backs of the diamonds grime free , yeah i got excited when just decided to brush some cuticle remover on my as well as my nails. Waited two minutes took an old toothbrush and under cold running water did minimal scrubbing and ....WOW it was dazzling .try and see!

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Great idea-I'll try it on my engagement ring. It's a one karat diamond in a white gold setting.I no longer wear it eveeryday because it's too tight. (I've gained a little weight since 1979,oops!) But I remember there was some grime in the setting.

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Thanks for the response jannie. You won't be disapionted.Let me know how it comes out.

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Thanks for sharing helpful idea.

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