Remove dog urine smell on grass?

lynne_melbJuly 2, 2008

Hi, there is a place in our backyard that's very close to the back door. Even though we are getting lots of rain, sometimes there is bit of an odor. Does anyone have any suggestions? Actually, it's more on some low plants than the grass. So I need something that won't kill the plants.


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The first step would be to stop the dog from urinating on the plants, maybe with some fencing. If the odor doesn't go away after you have hosed down the plants well, I would probably cut them back.

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Thanks graywings.

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I've heard that tea is suppose to neutralize dog urine. Worth a try.

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Lime may work. I know we use to put it down in summer to tame the smell where the dog kennels were. It acts as a neutralizer.

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I know this question is kinda old but -- are you really sure it is the dog and not the plant(s)?? There are some plants (and I'm sorry I don't recall which ones at the moment) that really don't have a pleasant odor. I'd say the odor was more akin to cat pee than dog but regardless. My dog pees in the yard all the time and I've never smelled anything from that/those event(s). Also kind of unusual for dogs to pee in the same place all the time. Now marking is another thing but that also doesn't usually have any strong odor that I've ever noticed. Just my rather late thots FWIW.

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Boxwoods smell like cat urine, IMO. I kept trying to wash off my mother's front porch thinking the neighborhood cats were visiting. :)

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Try bleach

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