Best Size for a Mudroom, Laundry Room, Pantry??

gaonmymindMarch 19, 2012

I have noticed that alot of the regrets in building are the size of the mudrooms and the laundry rooms. All of our bedrooms are planned for upstairs where our laundry room will be. The mudroom is off the kitchen.

This is my first real house. We are coming from an NYC it was a whole different world. I have a 1 year old girl and 7 months pregnant with the 2nd. So I am not sure of all the "real" family needs. I tend to lean more towards form over function, so I know need input from experienced homeowners.

This is our wish list to the architect for the spaces with inspiration pic. Sorry no pic for laundry.

Mudroom/ Multipurpose:

Powder room

Good good amount of floor space to move around

6 lockers/ cubbies

Large closet

Small message center/ counter

Enough room to for dog crate

Entrance from both garages and family exterior door

Near kitchen/ Pantry

Lockers and clutter not visible from kitchen

Pantry:(our kitchen has no upper cabinets so all the food will be stored here)


33" wide stand-up freezer

Laundry Room:

70 sq ft+

Washer, dryer, sink, fold down iron board, folding counter, vacuum/mop


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I don't know what size you'll need, but I'd rather have more space than needed, in these areas, than not enough!

Here are a few laundry room pictures that might inspire you. Hope this helps :) From Kitchen plans From Kitchen plans

And this is from Southern Living's Idea House and is part of the laundry/craft room... From Kitchen plans

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Do you have a floorplan yet? That would help alot.

We have plenty of space in our mudroom at 8'x12'. We opted not to section off our cubbies to allow for greater use of the space. Ours is very similar to your inspiration pic above but without the dividers and we have 6 baskets on the open shelf. We also added a set of tall cabinetry that houses a concealed print center & office/school supply storage in that space.

Our laundry is 8'x8'8". We incorporated alot of organization in our laundry. We had the cabinet guy install 3-2can full height trash pullouts in the laundry as concealed hampers. All laundry is sorted as soon as it is brought into the laundry room into the appropriate bin. When the bin is full, you just dump it in the washer--a full bin is exactly 1 load! We also have a large sink, plenty of counter space, plenty of cabinet storage & a place for hanging clothes. While we don't have a pull down ironing board, I do have a spot for my collapsing ironing board that is out of the way.

Our pantry is located under our U-shaped staircase and is huge--it houses all the canned goods, dry goods, kids' snacks, cereals, Costco sized paper goods, etc + my cake decorating supplies & pans, crock pot & there is a spot for my swiffer, swiffer vac & broom. The pantry is an L-shape measuring 3'8" x 9'4" at the entry down the long leg of the 'L' & 8' x 4'6" down the short leg.

Hope this helps!

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@mydreamhome--would you post additional pics of your laundry room? (or floorplan)? I really like that!

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Love the idea of the print center in mud room. My printer is in my red room (living room) and is ugly.

In mud room I would add a place for LOTS of shoes and boots and gloves, mittens etc. I gaurantee those shoes will never make it any further than the mud room. Especially if you have boys later on.

In the laundry room add space to hang damp items on hangars to dry. Close to dryer. Essential in my house. Very little goes in drawers in my house.

Congratulations on the wee one.

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The pantry we built in my parent's house is almost that exact same size. It starts out feeling big and then you start adding in shelves and you realize it's not so big anymore!

I'd suggest making sure to plan the location of the fridge carefully. We have it so that it is opposite of the double pocket doors. You'll need around 6' when the door is open, so we chose the location with no shelves opposite it to allow plenty of room.

We also did 3 sizes of shelves to try to maximize the space, but not have all deep shelves where things get lost in the back. The back long wall is approximately 24" deep, sides are approximately 18" deep, and then there is an approximately 8" shelf for cans (holds 3 deep of common size) that is on the door wall. *Actually, I have stocked it, so I know it holds 3 cans - so maybe closer to 10" when the trim got added on, since I think most cans are about 3.5" in diameter.

This is not to scale, but sort of a mockup of what we did. They have both a refrigerator and a chest freezer in the pantry.

Here is a pic of the can shelf and one of the sides.

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kirkhall--here you go! Sorry, some of the pics are construction or just after we moved in, but you get the idea--please excuse the clutter!


Washer/Dryer Side:


Hamper Side (construction):

I'll see if I can find some elevations for you later. Hope this helps!

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Thanks everyone for your ideas and input.

I just posted the plans.

Take a look let me know what you think of the actual spaces. Thanks!

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My pantry feedback --

- Having an extra fridge and/or freezer in the pantry is fabulous!
- If you can, have one lower section with a deep countertop you can use to set down grocery bags while putting things away.
- Room for a trash can, recycling bin (below the deep counter?) and broom (nook by fridge?) are great if you can swing it.
- Solid, wipeable shelves are better than the wire ones. (Small items can tip on or fall through the wire shelves.)
- Vertical space is just as important to conserve as horizontal space. Many of my shelves are designed for cans, so no more than two-cans tall. You'll need a few that are a bit taller, but don't make then all taller than you need, and make them adjustable!

- MOST IMPORTANTLY: Pantry shelves DO NOT need to be deep. Stuff gets lost in the back on deep shelves. My deepest shelves are 12", with many (most?) being only 9" deep. This depth is great, even for large items like Costco-sized bags of chips or boxes of cereal.

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thanks Sweeby that makes alot of sense. I will be adding the broom closet in the pantry as well. The bottom half of the pantry will have a counter so I can keep all my small appliances there and a cheap microwave for the kids. I do not want them using my very expensive speed oven in the

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Brad Edwards

I am planning on over-sizing our pantry and putting our stand up deep freeze in as well. I will be doing all the carpentry work on the closets. Our plan has a small yet efficient mud/laundry room, I don't need a ton of room to fold clothes, wash shoes, etc. But its great to store things in the pantry.

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One thing that you will have room for is a countertop in your pantry along at least one wall. I plan to keep all my "large" appliances - crockpot, toaster, pressure cooker, bread machine, etc. on the counter with outlets to use them there is I don't want to move them around. Make sure you leave room for cleaning supplies (mops/brooms, cordless vac charger) and put outlets in there for such things unless you have another area designated for these items.

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Brad Edwards

Momto, I plan on having the crockpot, toster, bread machine etc underneath the island on a vampire power strip that way I can just take them out and turn them on wo having to move them all over the place, call me lazy but we use our bread machine twice a week, and crockpot about 3 times.

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oceandweller - what is a vampire strip?

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If you are planning on more than two kids, you may want space for more than one washer and dryer. We have four kids, and our new laundry room is 100 square feet. It will have room for folding and hanging clothes to dry plus 2 washers and one dryer. The more kids, the more dirty laundry and clean laundry pile up (and as they grow bigger so do their clothes). Good luck with the new baby!


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