I need all fridge/ all freezer suggestions

lmrinc_gwApril 8, 2013

I will be reno'ing the kitchen in our new house we are about to buy. I won't have room for a spare refrigerator/freezer until we actually build on so I want an all fridge and all freezer preferable with an ice maker (I know these are hard to find).

I'm not really impressed with subzero since they have a 1980's look to the inside but I know they last a long time. I was thinking about biting the bullet and just going with a miele to match the dishwasher I will get but it's indeed pricey.

I know looks aren't everything, but I love the way the Electrolux all fridge is laid out. It's also only $2600 for each! I know you get what you pay for but I'm wondering if this would be a big no - no?

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have you really checked the interior of of a SZ lately ? Their all fridge model was completely redesigned a year or two ago. Heck, even the last generation's interior was as "stylish" as the Electrolux offering.

Perhaps you should focus on the quality of that interior and the layout more than the looks.

There are plenty of threads on the "twins" as they are called from Frigidaire under the Elux label as well as Kenmore. I don't recall specifically but their was or still is an issue with either the fridge or freezer unit .

The Twins are not built in units so they are not counter depth and they are also a little harder to plan for because their width is also no traditional. They also do not accept cabinetry panels.

If you just want to look at $$$ - there will be no contest, you'll be able to buy 2 + of those units for every one from another manuf. There is a tread not too far down on all fridge units you should read.

BAsically your choices in the "all" market are very limited - Sub Zero, GE Monogram, Viking, Thermador, Gaggenau, and Miele. They all have ice makers in them. If you want through door ice that list gets decimated. All of them are built in and all have models that accept panels.

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I love our Liebherr, check them out and see what you think. They are similar to SZ in terms of reliability but about half the cost or so.

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Steer clear of Liebherr. Terrible customer service. My ice maker hasn't worked since a couple of months after purchase. I would NEVER recommend Liebherr to anyone. Wish I had gone with SZ. At least I'd have a working ice maker. And I hear they stand by their products. Liebherr simply sends various replacement parts, demonstrate a condescending indifference and still I'm stuck with a dud. The headache went on for over a couple of years until I have finally given up.

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Oh how I can sympathize on this question, just went through the same hours of research and shopping. For what it's worth, I looked in person at almost every unit on the list, and finally chose the 27" Subzero units as the closest match for me.

YMMV, and there will be some compromises unless money is no object. Fridge/Freezer units cost a fortune and usually last a long long time, so a brand like SZ that is known to stand behind their stuff mattered a lot to me.

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I will disagree with yoyopa and stand by my recommendation. One persons bad experience does not speak for the entire product line.

I am not saying that yoyopa's problems were right or shouldn't have been handled better, just that there are going to be issues with all lines and all products, one bad review should not cause you to not look at the entire Liebherr line.

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phil _ i'm glad you love your Liebherr but just as you said - one person's experience doesn't speak for the entire product line.

I've seen Liebherr come and go from the U.S. 3 times in the last twenty years. Looks like they are staying this time , but who knows?

They are cheaper than the other high line names for a reason: just look at the interiors side by side with a SZ or Thermador. I've seen more substantial plastic bins on a $999 Labor Day special at Home Depot.

Their all fridge / freezer units only come in 24" , which is decent sized for a freezer , but woefully small for an all fridge. Most people looking for "all" units want A LOT of space like 36". This also accounts for some of the price diff.

I love their little wine cooler, and as a co. they are no worse than most of the other manuf. in the biz. For an all fridge unit though, I would not be looking at them.

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Would I be a fool to get the electrolux??

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If you don't need it to have a cabinet panel on it, it's storage is big enough and you don't mind the increased depth it has over a built in with regards to cabinets beside it


you value a few thousand dollars more than the downside risk that it will develop a problem like others and the hassle servicing it would entail then,

no , you wouldn't be foolish. Everyone has a different set of priorities.

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Not sure what your price point is or the level of remodel you are doing for your kitchen, but I personally vote for the Frigidaire All Refrigerator and Freezer.

I purchased a pair for our kitchen about 3 months ago and they are working very well. I spent about $3000 at Lowe's for the pair and the extended warranty. The freezer comes with an ice maker in the freezer. Both seem to be performing well and I haven't had any problems. They are both counter depth so it's easy to see the contents. Later when I complete my kitchen remodel I will buy the trim kit piece to give them a more built in look.

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I have the Frigidaire all refrigerator. We really like it and it works wonderfully. There is a lot of interior space and it is indeed counter depth.

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I believe the thread Xedos refers to above is mine. Granted I need an all fridge that is 36 inches wide which cuts down the list somewhat but at this point I believe I will be going with SZ.

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Ok I think I will be considering the fridgidaire all refridge and I'm also wondering how much the 36" subzero is?

My husband and I both want the best with Miele (we have several miele products and love them) but in the end, it's a refrigerator and to spend 16k on the pair seems a little ridiculous...If it were a dishwasher or a cooking range, I might consider it a little more important, but as long as it cools and functions like a fridge/freezer, I guess that's all I can ask and get a good protection plan, right?

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We were quoted a little over 7 grant by a local distributor.

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I wrote in this forum seven years ago about the Frigidaire all-freezer and all-refrigerator combo. We installed them as past of a major condo remodel - and have been TOTALLY happy with our choice. They are cabinet depth with zero clearance - a big deal for us.

We find the refrigerator space "adequate," though a hidden benefit of the less-deep shelves is that we have no biology experiments molding away undiscovered in the back! The freezer space is awesome! Not to mention the jaw-dropping looks we get when visitors first enter our kitchen!

Again, it's seven years later, and we have not had one single issue with the pair. If we build a new house, the kitchen will be planned around this same Frigidaire combo. Not sure the Electrolux-branded pair are worth the extra $$$, as they also make the Frigidaire units

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If you don't want to spend 16K on a Miele set, then spend half as much on a Thermador and get 90% of the same product. They are made in the same factory, Miele adds a different electronic control system, but you will find drawers, lights and layouts to be similar. We love ours so far. The builder loved the way they installed, commenting on many benefits over installing a subzero. Truly hidden panels, great hinges.....

And, shh, don't tell anybody, I bought mine on Ebay.... took the savings and put in bank in case they explode which I hear all non retail appliances do....

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Nice Setup there, Will, looks great!

While I "try" to buy US made appliances, I just cant see spending $8000 on the letter "S" and another 8 grand on the letter "Z", especially when you consider they have the same style compressor your grandmother or even great grandmother had, alto a more "Anemic version" of same, in order to meet energy requirements. You certainly are not getting the "latest technology" with SZ, (as they claim on their web-site).

We love our 48 " built in, paneled, (not integrated) Jenn-air fridge (7 years trouble free and has the variable speed compressor),---- buttttttt---- had I seen something like You have, (back in 2006), I would have got it.

Congradulations on a well thought out plan, (both physically and financially) !!


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Here is the installation with doors closed. You can carry the panel to the floor. Not sure how the air cooling works, but it does.

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