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brownthumbiaJuly 22, 2013

Was just wondering if anyone has a good product for cleaning and shining sterling silver jewelry. Any homemade recipes that work better than what you buy?

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The silver jewelry I use are all made by top tier jewelry companies, I would never risk them with home made products.

Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner and Hagerty Silver Foam are the two types I use. You can get them from Bed and Bath, with 20% coupon they are very affordable.

Follow the instructions of both products.

For heavily tarnished pieces I would use Hagerty first. Use a make up sponge to apply foam on the pieces to clean, rinse the foam out, then soak clean with Connoisseurs. Thoroughly rinse out the pieces with clean water afterwards.

I use white color microfiber clothes pad dry cleaned jewelry, and then use Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes to polish them shine.

Be very gentle and careful with your pieces so you won't put scratches on the jewelry.

I like to keep my pieces in tip top condition, every few years I would send my jewelry back to the store to check and maintain. Some pieces are more than 30, 40 years old they still look like brand new.

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