Karndean Michelangelo DIY?

pitpatApril 14, 2013

Posted in flooring forum, but no response. Posted in kitchens forum, suggested I come here. So here I am. I was in and out of the bathrooms forum 5-6 years ago when we were having our bathroom remodeled, and I really appreciated all the help I got (such as advising me when the contractors did not put in a vapor barrier and when they tried to use regular drywall in the shower - shudder). Anyway, here is my tiling question from the flooring/kitchen forum:

Hi, My husband and I would like to put new flooring into our kitchen, and we are currently considering Karndean's Michelangelo Adriatic Blue (see link). We currently have a cheap sticky tile on the floor. Whatever we choose, we need it to be a DIY project, which is why we don't want to do real stone. I know that Karndean does not recommend DIY, but I am wondering what people here think. We do not have experience doing this, but hubby is pretty handy (he has replaced most of our light fixtures, sweated copper, hung drywall, and changed out plumbing fixtures), and he is a patient do-it-right-the-first-time kinda guy. He would read all about the process beforehand and only proceed if he felt comfortable. I do not have the experience he has, but I have a steady hand and am a detail-oriented perfectionist. Yes, I am trying to convince you to say that yes, we could do this as a DIY project b/c I really want this tile! But please, give me your honest opinion. TIA!

Here is a link that might be useful: love this tile!

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I didn't see where Karndean doesn't recommend it as a DIY, but I do have one question. Have you ever installed small mosaic tile anywhere before? We put in a glass/stone mosaic mix accent tile up on our kitchen BS, and it was a LOT of work grouting, and cleaning off the grout, much more work than the subway tiles were. I would not be looking forward to working with that much grout on my knees in a large area like a kitchen floor. But, maybe you're young, have good knees, and lots of patience. You'll be cleaning lots and lots of sponges (outside, not down your inside drains). Did I mention that there will be a LOT of work grouting and cleaning all those tiles! LOL

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Actually, it's not mosaic tile. It's "luxury vinyl," made to look like tile. NO WAY would I be installing mosaic tile! Ha. We may have patience and time, but not that much.

Having said that, isn't it beautiful? It looks so "real."

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LOL! OK, My knees can stop throbbing now! I was literally feeling the pain of installing that much mosaic!

Yes, obviously it looks real! Well in photos, anyways! We did install vinyl floor ourselves in our Basement BR. We had an adjoining FR that was cleared to lay it out and measure and cut. That would be my only question (this time), do you have a place where you can roll it out other than the kitchen itself? And, remember when you have it upside down to cut, that it is the reverse image of where you are going to lay it...ask me why I caution you on this! LOL!

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That is gorgeous flooring!

We recently installed an LVT wood plank look floor. It connected with self-adhesive overlapping tabs. It was not that difficult. You need to think carefully about where you will start and end, and how you will cut around any obstacles (templates work great for this).

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Thanks for the advice and vote of confidence. Raehelen, I don't need to ask you how you know about cutting the tile upside down. I sew a fair amount, and I have done similar things (and then kick myself). But these tiles come in 12x12, so space won't really be a problem. At least that is on our side. Mabel, good point about fitting around things. I *think* our only real obstacle will be our peninsula. But that brings up a question. Do people pull out fridges and ranges and tile underneath? That seems like a waste, but is there a good reason to do that?

I guess this is seeming more like a reality now. I don't suppose Bill or Mongoct is reading this and would like to chime in?.....

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Short answer is yes, people do pull out their fridges and stoves and tile underneath. Main reason is for ease of movement when you pull those appliances out to clean/replace etc.. You wouldn't want to pull those 12 X 12 tile up when you slide that heavy fridge out.

Having said that, we cheated with our Tigerwood flooring in our kitchen. DH installed 3/4 good one-side plywood to cover part of the area from wall to a few inches before cupboards/appliances end. But the hardwood was laid on the same level, so there's no difference to snag, etc. If you wanted to do a similar 'cheat', could you lay a less expensive (but I would color-coordinate) tile for 1 1/2 ft?

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One of the virtues of the overlocking seams is it does provide some water resistance as well as keeping the flooring level -- a nice feature if you have a leak in the icemaker or someone drops something. This winter our humidifier tank handle let go and the tank crashed to the floor and 2.5 gallons of water instantly flooded the kitchen, going under the fridge and dishwasher. Vinyl flooring made it an easier clean up.

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yes, lay product under the refrigerator, etc. You never know what will happen, if your layout ever changes, etc. Also, in a May 2013 issue of a popular DIY magazine there is an article about installing luxury vinyl.

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Cool, thanks for the info about laying it under the appliances. And THANK YOU misty for that info! I will get that one!

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