Getting marble counter and floor tile to work together

LinelleApril 14, 2014

I have no confidence when it comes to picking patterns that will work together. When in doubt, I go with solids. That's where I need your help.

Today I put a hold on a carrara slab for my hall bath vanity. Actually half a slab (upper half):

I couldn't get an actual piece of my slab, since I haven't paid for it yet, but they gave me a carrara tile that's very similar to the movement and patterning in mine. It's sitting between the two tiles I'm considering for my floor. Both tiles are available in 12x12 and the darker one also in 24x12.

I think I prefer the lighter tile, without really being able to explain why. I'm wondering if the carrara and it will get along or whether there's too much pattern between them. The floor and carrara will be on parallel planes, approx. 36" apart. I like both tiles.

I decided to go with white tile in the shower instead of gray, and my vanity will be a warm mid-brown stained alder, a little lighter than and not as red as mahogany.

Your thoughts?

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I like the lighter tile too. Especially being separated by some distance, I don't think the patterns will compete, as they are both fairly subtle. I like the rest of your choices, too!

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My vote would be for the lighter tile. The floor tile pattern, if you can call it that, is pretty subtle. Also, carrara veining has softer edges; don't think it will compete at all and will make a great combo.

The dark tile is too dark for my taste.

The slab looks beautiful.

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I vote for the lighter one, too. I think it will be a little more subtle and not take away from the carrara. It's very pretty.

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I'm for lighter as well. When you add in the fact that it will be 3' further away from your eyes, the subtle variation in it will "blur" and be even less noticeable than it is now. And, now it works.

Also, because it is less homogenous in appearance, it will "hide" things a little better than the very dark one.

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100% so far for the lighter tile. I like the lighter one best too. I love the subtile undulation of tone in the gray. Can you take both tiles to the slab and compare? Lighting will not be like your house but could be very informative anyway.

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You guys are the best! I just needed a few more pairs of eyes and a vote of confidence.

Enduring, I should do that. I've been amazed how different all the components I'm considering look in different parts of my house. And then I have to remind myself, but I'm not tiling the bedroom floor. It just has to look good in the bathroom.

I've added a vanity sample. It's not that profile, will be shaker doors and slab drawers, but that's the wood and stain. I haven't decided if I will use 4x4 or 3x6 tile in the shower, but it will be white. I think the carrara and floor will be enough gray for me.

BTW, today I was checking out a spot I didn't care for on the slab, so I rubbed it. It was bird poop.

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Take all of your elements to the slab now that you have them all together. What faucet finish are you using? With the warm and the cool surfaces nickel, bronze, or chrome would work, don't you think? The wood looks pretty with your things. Remember to take the darker tile with you too, just in case it is "the one".

Regarding bird poop - I wouldn't care for that either ;)

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Faucet and shower/tub stuff will be chrome. I have a satin nickel door handle that isn't changing. I haven't yet chosen vanity pulls, light fixture or towel rod, etc. So I have another matching (or not) matter to attend to. I don't think I want to go all chrome, maybe just the plumbing fixtures, but I don't exactly know how to mix with confidence.

enduring, okay I trust you. I'll take all my elements next time I go to the yard.

BTW, I didn't lick the slab. Given all the bird poop, probably a wise decision. :)

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The wood will look elegant with the marble and fits with both.

What are you doing for sink, toilet & tub? White? Sink drop in or undermount?

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Kohler undermount sink, Toto toilet, Duravit tub. All white.

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linelle-what is that tile you're considering for the floor?

I'll be interested to see what you decide re the rest of the fixtures-chrome or not.

It's coming together nicely!

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leela, would you believe Happy Floors? Are you kidding me?

HF 5202 S Eternity Grey. The photo on the website looks nothing like the actual tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Happy Floors Tile Eternity Grey 12x12 5202-S

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I went to the Happy Floors tile wholesale site and this picture was shown of the Eternity Grey. The black in that line is on the outside of the room:

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enduring, great find! Those lighter tiles must be 18x18, don't you think, given there's a walkway. Mine will cover a much smaller area, thank goodness. I like the grout color.

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linelle-Thanks for the info!

Ha-''Happy Floors'' indeed-here in the PNW I don't agree that ''Eternity Grey'' leads to happy anything.

I do like that pic you found, enduring. I'm pretty sure we're going with a white macaubas quartzite counter so we've not been considering anything stone-like for the floor, but, hmmm . . .

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Linelle: What vanity did you decide on?

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Columbia Cabinets (British Columbia). Clear alder with coffee stain (warm mid-brown), shaker doors, slab drawers.

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It looks like it's going to be beautiful.

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That is so neat that you're getting cabinets from my neck of the woods. Columbia builds a beautiful cabinet. As you found out from an old post, I've had them in two homes. I'm sure you will be happy with them! They no longer sell directly to the public, but they still did when we built our previous home, yikes, almost 30 years ago exactly!

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I think you should go with the lighter color of the tiles as it will complement the carrara better than any other color.

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raehelen, I'm happy to hear you and my vanity hail from the same neck of the woods, AND that you're a satisfied customer. My BD works out of a local cabinet maker's business and just sells Columbia. I still don't quite understand how that arrangement works, but I guess it covers all their bases. I even like Columbia's website; it's clean and well-designed.

melindaruiz, thanks for voting on the tile. I'm going with the lighter one.

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I am planning my hall bath remodel in the same vein as yours and I was actually thinking about a dark tile for the floor. It's the one called Greystone. I have seen it in the store and it's beautiful. I thought that tile on the floor, white subway on the walls, and Carrara marble on the counter would be a nice combo.

However, that doesn't mean I don't love the lighter gray tile too (and I adore Happy Floors tile).

Here is a link that might be useful: Marvel

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jerzeegirl, have you brought a sample of Greystone home yet? I originally wanted dark gray tile on the floor, and still do like the look. I found that tile looked much darker at home than in the store. Must be their bright lights. I was really torn with my two finalists. Something appealed to me with the lighter tile, to a friend of mine visiting (and I hadn't asked her opinion), and you guys. You know, sometimes you just gotta pick one and trust your gut.

I always find I get in a bind when I compare choices to one another rather than isolate each one with the other elements and see how it looks and makes me feel. Once I made my choices I took all the other samples out to the garage.

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Linelle, referring to your post on tuesday, Yes I like the subtle color of grout with that lighter gray too.

Jerzeegirl, the Marvel link you connected to is the tile I am using in my bathroom shower. I have the matte finish and I think it is very nice. I am still working on the installation. I am using the 12x24.

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enduring: Atlas Concorde makes a great tile. Our tile guy loved working with it.

I was going to do the Atlas Concorde Seastone, which is a black tile with white little "fossils" in it. I sent my DH to take a look at it and bring home a sample and he actually swiped the idea for his bathroom remodel (his remodel had to go first because his shower was falling apart!). So now I can't use Seastone, but I thought the Marvel was interesting because it looks like Black Emperador marble and I thought it would look nice with white subway and carrara marble.

Here is a picture of part of the floor. It's very reflective so even though it's black it seems lighter than the previous floor which was medium gray.

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Jerzeegirl, that is beautiful! Is that your husbands tile? My Atlas Concorde is the Marvel, Calacatta Extra. It is the matte finish. I didn't realize that there were more colors in the Marvel line. I guess I should have, lol. But it has been a year since I bought mine.

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Enduring. My husband's tile (in the picture) is the Atlas Concorde Seastone It's an imitation of dark limestone with embedded fossils.

The Marvel grey stone is what I was thinking of using in my bathroom. I was actually thinking Marvel Calacatta on the walls and Marvel Greystone on the floor, but I think the format of the tile is too large for my bathroom (which is only 5 x 10!). That is why I am considering going with subway tile on the walls since to me it's seems more in proportion with the space.

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