Best Squeegee for Shower Glass Please!

travelbug003June 6, 2012

What is the best squeegee or other products to use to keep shower glass clean? Our new shower has 3 sides of glass so I'd better find a way!! Also, I've heard bar soap makes it worse too. True? Thanks.

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In my opinion, the best one is the one that YOU are most likely to pick up and use.

I, for example, want a medium size squeegee with a hole in the handle so it can hang conveniently. Someone with a larger hand and longer reach may prefer one without a handle.

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I use a medium size cheap one. There is no major difference. I only do flat surfaces and towel dry the rest of the stall, but I don't have glass. I told the builder not to install a door which is what most people get. Shower curtains can be laundered if necessary, though I have not found it necessary. I don't think soap makes a big difference except for dove. It is made to rinse off easily, so I would suggest it.

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I bought mine at Walmart in the automotive section. We use these on our cars too. They are super,super flexible softish rubbery material. They are between 12 and 20 bucks, not cheap but I LOVE them !! A hard squeege just doesn't seem to get the amount of water off my shower walls and door like the soft flexible ones do.
I will say, that even using the squeege I have an old towel that I use to dry the glass areas. I do not use fabric softner on this towel , othewise my glass would have streaks.
I read that bar soap causes build up too, but maybe if you are wiping down your doors daily, you won't have an issue.

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I just bought another Cleret "Colossal" squeegee for my shower. It's great, two huge and soft blades (it's now being marketed for drying cars) and the translucent color kind of visually disappears in my shower. The only downside is that after a few years the material on the blade does tend to discolor, but it's totally worth it!

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The squeegee is your friend...use it after every shower and you will rarely need to scrub away hard water stains, soap scum, mildew or water spots! We use the clear Target brand squeegee--$9 and it comes with a suction cup hook. I did see one by OXO that looked really neat--its called the OXO Scrub & Squeegee. It has a bar with a microfiber cloth on it on 1 side and a silicon squeegee on the other.

Yes, bar soap will cause lots of grief with glass, acrylic, fiberglass and tile. The way it was explained to me was that it had to do with the amount of animal fat used in bar soap to make it hold it's shape. Body wash is supposed to be the answer. My DH detests body wash, so we've been using Dove Energizing (yellow box with pic of citrus fruit) and have had no problems. We did try the Dove translucent/glycerin-based soaps when we had an acrylic tub. I don't recommend it as it left a sticky film on everything. But the regular Dove bar soaps seem to be ok.

Hope this helps!

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I agree w/graywings, the one you use is the best one. We just re-caulked the tub & scoured a lot of yukky caulk out of the corners & we've always squeegeed daily & I clean the bath weekly.

I actually applied a coat of auto wax to the tile walls & have noticed the water sheets off a lot better. We're also using a microfiber cloth to dry the caulk & the faucet. And lastly although I hate the noise, the bath fan now runs until we're totally done in the bathroom.

I buy inexpensive squeegees & replace them as soon as they look icky.

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