Urine Stains in Grout

jeff8795June 14, 2007

I was stupid and put white tile with white grout in my bathrooms. Well, to make a long story short, my 5 year old son has extremely poor aim and so now there are dark stains in the grout around the toilet. I have tried everything to get rid of the stains, including pouring straight bleach on the floor and letting it set for hours, but nothing gets rid of all the staining. Is there any way to get rid of the stains?!

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Have you tried Finazzle? The bottle says it's for white grout, although I used it on a colored grout in my powder room and it was the only thing that worked on some yellowish stains on the grout near the toilet (they were here when we moved into this new construction home, so I'm not absolutely sure what they were). I think bleach is supposed to be bad for grout, although I tried that, too, before I got to the Finazzle. I heard about it on this forum, BTW.

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Ah, the universal problem of little boys and urine stains......

I've been able to spruce up the stained grout around my toilet with OxyClean.

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Please be VERY careful with the Finazzle. I've used it and it does work better then anything else I've used. HOWEVER...I was really frustrated with some stained grout around the toilet. I sprayed it down with finazzle and let it set for a hour or so. Went back and attacked it with the grout scrub brush and the grout literally disolved! I now have an area with about 1/2 as much grout as it should have.

I've debated having it regrouted and resealed but a very big part of me just wants to have the entire floor ripped out and put in the largest tile I can with the least amount of grout. If I do a new floor, you can bet it won't be white ;-)

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I tried everything today!

Oxi clean
soft scrub
Vinegar and baking soda


Finally Bar Keeps Friend seemed to do the trick!!!

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